Washed, Waxed, Ready!

One of the things on my pre-trip “to do” list was clean the bike.  All those rides in the rain had left my motorcycle pretty much a mess.  As yesterday afternoon headed toward a beautiful evening, I gathered the necessary supplies and headed outside.  To be honest, I would have preferred to just ride, but there was work to be done!

I’ve never named a bike that I’ve owned, nor have I assigned a gender to one.  That’s just not my thing.

Somehow though, “it” just doesn’t sound right for something this pretty!


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I know you all may be getting tired of my pre-trip excitement, but I just can’t help it!!!


Now … if I could just figure out how to save photographs from my camera SD card to my borrowed Samsung Galaxy Tablet, I’d be a happy woman!

2 More Days!!

Ever Present

The everpresent rain

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has challenged me in my trip preparation


to focus on the positives

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of this constant moisture

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3 More Days … Hoping for sun but will ride no matter what!