Washed, Waxed, Ready!

One of the things on my pre-trip “to do” list was clean the bike.  All those rides in the rain had left my motorcycle pretty much a mess.  As yesterday afternoon headed toward a beautiful evening, I gathered the necessary supplies and headed outside.  To be honest, I would have preferred to just ride, but there was work to be done!

I’ve never named a bike that I’ve owned, nor have I assigned a gender to one.  That’s just not my thing.

Somehow though, “it” just doesn’t sound right for something this pretty!


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I know you all may be getting tired of my pre-trip excitement, but I just can’t help it!!!


Now … if I could just figure out how to save photographs from my camera SD card to my borrowed Samsung Galaxy Tablet, I’d be a happy woman!

2 More Days!!

Planning the 4th Solo Trip

My last post glorified the joy of being home, and I truly am excited to have the next four weeks at home without travel (other than day trips on the bike of course).   It’s time however to get serious about planning the 4th Solo Bike Trip.

So many places to ride; so few vacation days!

You may remember that I rode the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Tail of the Dragon (in Tennessee) in 2010 as a way to celebrate my 5oth Birthday (photos taken with my old Canon Powershot SD1000)


2011 found me riding to the Outer Banks of North Carolina (again, with the old Canon)


Tennessee was the destination in 2012


So it seems that I have, not with purpose, alternated between the  mountains and the beach.

This year then, I’m going back to the beach!  I’ll ride to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Annapolis, and possibly Delaware.

The near constant rain has had me less than motivated to pull out the maps, but this weekend I WILL get to it!  After all, the day of departure is just 7 weeks away!

Let the planning begin!