Ever Present

The everpresent rain

005 004 001

has challenged me in my trip preparation


to focus on the positives

027 031

of this constant moisture

017 011

3 More Days … Hoping for sun but will ride no matter what!

10 thoughts on “Ever Present

    • Not this year, although good friends left on Friday. A very important conflict prevented me from traveling west, but I’ll covering about 2000 miles towards the east!

  1. Beautiful shots LB. Don’t worry the rain will stop for your trip but in the meantime I see you are enjoying the nice even lighting that the overcast skies are providing.

  2. You’ve captured the essence of renewal for me LB, everything is so green. I love the oak leaves in the moss, they don’t seem to mind the moisture and are probably thriving on it. Nature is so adaptable and I imagine you will be too. Wishing you sunshine but know you’ll find adventure and joy on that bike of yours no matter what.

    • I like the oak leaves, too. and I’m so glad you like this post. Yes, the rain has made everything so green! Thanks for the wishes for sun and know that I’m sending thoughts your way as well!

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