Just 30 Miles …

… but oh the joy!


Sunday rides used to be 200 miles long. ¬†These days, I’m just grateful to ride down the road and along the river!


I’m quite sure that my bike misses me as I much as I miss it!


Think those mirrors need a bit of a clean?


Yeah, but if I have any time at all, I’m going to spend it riding, not cleaning ūüôā

Riding on Sundays

Sunday rides are my therapy!


My campaign manager and I have carved out 6 hours in the week for time on the bike and time with friends.  While the rest of the week is devoted to work and the campaign, those 6 hours on Sunday are for ME!  This ride was extra special because my friends and I were celebrating my birthday.

Dave led us through Craig County, VA on our most recent ride, and as we traveled along those curvy mountain roads, I was wishing I had a go-pro on my helmet so I could share the beauty of this county.  We stopped at Fenwick Mines, the site of a 19th Century iron mining site.


Offering a wheelchair accessible trail that winds through woods and across wetlands, Fenwick Mines is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon.


The reflections on this overcast day kept me shooting.


The water was so still that the blue sky, breaking through the clouds, was visible in this reflection.



We rode on to Tizzone, a new wood-fired kitchen and wine bar, owned by a friend.

IMG_5664-2 IMG_5662-2

We enjoyed the¬†Charcuterie and Cheese Platter, and I followed it with a Wood-Fired Smoked‚Äé Gouda and fig spread on Ciabatta bread. ¬†Accompanied by a Raven’s Roost Baltic Porter, it was a delicious birthday meal.¬†The extensive wine and beer list will require a return visit with a DD.

We left Tizzone and headed out to Parkway Brewing, a 2 year old brewery with “Fresh Beers, Artfully Crafted in the Heart of the Blue Ridge”.


Riding a bike significantly limits the intake of alcohol for me (obviously) but learning the history of the places we visit and listening to local music always provides great entertainment.


Another Roadside Attraction¬†is a “husband and wife duo from Roanoke who perform mostly original songs on a myriad of eclectic instruments: from the Mexican guitarron, to a variety of ukuleles, to the haunting musical saw, and a homemade recycled percussion setup”. ¬†Can you see that Jordan is playing the musical saw in this image? ¬†Be sure to check out the link. ¬†Another Roadside Attraction travels the length of the US and will be heading to Mexico later in the year.


Sunday Riding: a great way to celebrate a birthday! ¬†I walked in the door and the downpour began, as did the campaign phone calls. ¬†I’m already counting down to next Sunday!

Sunday Afternoon Ride

Fall is here and while the morning temperature was under 40 degrees F, by early afternoon, it was over 50 and it was time to ride! Make no mistake, I ride in the winter when the roads are clear, but the first cool ride of the fall is such a change that it requires a bit more thought in terms of gear and clothing.


We set off for Floyd, a small county in Southwest Virginia known¬†for it’s music, artisan products, and local restaurants / businesses. ¬† The Friday Night Jamboree, held at the Floyd Country Store, features traditional, old time, and bluegrass music.

IMG_8763-2 IMG_8762-2

Floyd Fest showcases roots and progressive world music, and each year draws thousands of music lovers from all over the world (these photos from 2012).

027    106

We stopped at Dogtown Roadhouse, and while waiting for our pizza and craft beer, I wandered around town to capture the scene.

IMG_8750-2 IMG_8757-2 IMG_8758-2 IMG_8760-2 IMG_8761-2 IMG_8765-2

Once back on the road, the others headed for home, but I kept on riding. ¬†I just wasn’t ready to get off the bike. ¬†First, I rode to the old Radford Water Tower,


and then down to the river.

_MG_8795-3 _MG_8778-2 _MG_8775-2

I could have ridden even longer, but evening was coming on and I still had chores to do.

Some rides are short on miles, this one only 85, but it was long on curvy roads, beautiful scenery, and fun times with friends.