Riding on Sundays

Sunday rides are my therapy!


My campaign manager and I have carved out 6 hours in the week for time on the bike and time with friends.  While the rest of the week is devoted to work and the campaign, those 6 hours on Sunday are for ME!  This ride was extra special because my friends and I were celebrating my birthday.

Dave led us through Craig County, VA on our most recent ride, and as we traveled along those curvy mountain roads, I was wishing I had a go-pro on my helmet so I could share the beauty of this county.  We stopped at Fenwick Mines, the site of a 19th Century iron mining site.


Offering a wheelchair accessible trail that winds through woods and across wetlands, Fenwick Mines is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon.


The reflections on this overcast day kept me shooting.


The water was so still that the blue sky, breaking through the clouds, was visible in this reflection.



We rode on to Tizzone, a new wood-fired kitchen and wine bar, owned by a friend.

IMG_5664-2 IMG_5662-2

We enjoyed the Charcuterie and Cheese Platter, and I followed it with a Wood-Fired Smoked‎ Gouda and fig spread on Ciabatta bread.  Accompanied by a Raven’s Roost Baltic Porter, it was a delicious birthday meal. The extensive wine and beer list will require a return visit with a DD.

We left Tizzone and headed out to Parkway Brewing, a 2 year old brewery with “Fresh Beers, Artfully Crafted in the Heart of the Blue Ridge”.


Riding a bike significantly limits the intake of alcohol for me (obviously) but learning the history of the places we visit and listening to local music always provides great entertainment.


Another Roadside Attraction is a “husband and wife duo from Roanoke who perform mostly original songs on a myriad of eclectic instruments: from the Mexican guitarron, to a variety of ukuleles, to the haunting musical saw, and a homemade recycled percussion setup”.  Can you see that Jordan is playing the musical saw in this image?  Be sure to check out the link.  Another Roadside Attraction travels the length of the US and will be heading to Mexico later in the year.


Sunday Riding: a great way to celebrate a birthday!  I walked in the door and the downpour began, as did the campaign phone calls.  I’m already counting down to next Sunday!

52 thoughts on “Riding on Sundays

  1. would vote for you for no other reason then you have the good sense to carve out six hours each week to ride. That is a woman who understands balance, living and joy.

    • To be honest, Kerry, 6 hours is definitely not enough. So we built in 6 hours for a ride, but I am struggling to find time to get to the grocery store, write birthday cards, visit blogs, clean the house, and most importantly … read! I haven’t finished a book since January! Ah well … the countdown to November is on 🙂

  2. Belated b’day greetings and such a wonderful way to celebrate!!!! I haven’t even gotten out on the bike yet this year!!! The few nice/warm days we’ve had have been filled with other activities and now we’re way below average a cloudy/rainy!!! I think it’s another quilting day here!!! Alcohol & riding are a mix to definitely be avoided for me, also! One sip and it’s trouble! Hugs…….

    • Hello Doreen! Life does get in the way of the bike sometimes, doesn’t it? Even if those things that get in the way are nice things. I’ll hope the sun comes back soon for you!

      • Thank you……it IS shining today but…….LOL! I think June will be a tad better weather!!! And timing!! Even our trek to the Black Hills next week may turn into a little rain event….oh well, good for hiking anyhow!!!! Have an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!!!! Hugs……

      • You are so sweet. I am fine, just very busy these days getting my Mom moved to a retirement facility. Haven’t had much time to write but still making time to read posts:) Hope to get back to writing soon. Thanks for checking in LB!

    • Folks around here take for granted all that green and they think I’m crazy when I worry about drought. You all out west are really suffering, and it can (will?) happen here, too.
      Hope all is well with you!

  3. Noelle’s comment above is spot on! This habit is going to keep you sane and happy. Super great timing on avoiding the downpour – how cool is that? The photo of the trail through the trees is especially appealing because it looks like a place I want to explore. Neat that the trail is wheelchair accessible. Happy belated birthday, Laurie!

    • Thanks Crystal … I’m thankful that friends want to celebrate with me, especially in such a fun way. I get to celebrate with a few other friends tomorrow evening, so I’m looking forward to that.
      Nothing wrong with celebrating a birth month 🙂

  4. Great shots Laurie and its good you have at least 6 hours of “me time” on Sunday 🙂 When are you going to slow down ?

  5. There are 168 hours in a week, given that one sleeps [hopefully] 56 of them, plus your 6 hours me time and lets just chuck in an hour or two for showering, peeing and getting dressed, not to mention eating and hydrating ….. there you are working 100 hours a week! I am pleased there is a defined time period and am hopeful you will be delivered of a healthy, happy election response on the due date! Whatever the outcome this is sure a time to be remembered! Happy Birthday darlin’!! xoxo

    • Pauline! I’ve been thinking of you and hoping all is well with you, your family (both animal and human), your art, and all the other things you’ve got yourself involved in.
      I have to admit to feeling a bit overwhelmed at times. I’ve more news to share and will message all of you at once.
      and thanks for remembering the election / pregnancy countdown 🙂

  6. I was laughing at Pauline’s arithmetic … that is until she got to the punchline of 100 hours of work a week! Yikes! So glad you were able to enjoy your birthday on your bike amidst wonderful friends and with delicious food (TIzzone looks gorgeous!). And it looks to be another beautiful Sunday this weekend 🙂 Happy birthday, you bike-riding, campaign-crushing, hot mama 😀 xo

    • LOVE your description! That last line of your comment brought a big smile to my face!
      To be sure, I am stretched. I don’t want to say stretched to the limit, because we never know what we are capable of BUT I really don’t want to see how much further I can stretch right now 🙂

      • Yeah, I hear you. Health (physical and mental) comes above all else. So it IS good to know your manager recognizes that and is trying to give you “Laurie” time. And for the record, don’t ever feel you need to answer my comments. A simple thumbs up is absolutely enough just so I know you got it. I am so serious about this, okay?? Responding takes precious minutes that add up. Take those instead and add them to your “me” time! ❤️😀

  7. Laurie, I’m glad you did something you love on your birthday. All those dishes look and sound tasty. My goodness you have the eye.

    Those lush, green vistas have my pining for a return visit. Fabulous photos one and all. I love hearing that the beautiful trails are wheelchair accessible. As they should be whenever possible.

    I’m with the others: on the one hand I applaud you for taking six hours of time on the bike, but at the same time, it hardly seems like enough. I’m watching that countdown: five months to go.

    • I thought of your sister and other friends with ability challenges, and how wonderful it must be to get and experience nature! It was lovely!
      The green is something I try hard not to take advantage of, realizing how fortunate we are to have moisture in abundance … and realizing that drought can happen here, too.
      I just told Pauline that I have more news to share. I’ll message soon!

      • More news? So excited to hear. Honestly, how do you fit it all in???

        You know I loved seeing D.C. and definitely want to see more, but I fell in love with the slower pace and openness of your neck of the woods. All those trees right out your front door…amazing. We’re all packed in out here, because land is at such a premium. My house is on a 6,000 square foot lot, a fraction of your lot, and we paid $329,000 for it 19 years ago. Houses are on street are now selling for a million dollars, but they are still 1960s track homes on small lots. It’s obscene.

  8. I’ve never enjoyed the freedom of the open road from a motorcycle, but you make it sound so very attractive. What a great way to celebrate a birthday 🙂

    • Yes! and I look forward to these rides on Sunday. Yesterday we rode 275 miles through beautiful country on a gorgeous day. (I was also late for campaign “Call Time” – oops!).
      Off to visit your blog!

  9. What a great day out! Love the photos and the food looks so delicious. A day like that must really charge your battery again! Everybody in the photo looks so relaxed;0)
    I particular like the photo of the bikes…reminds me too of the time that Mr. Walker and I would have motorcycle vacations in Europe! Good times! I wish you lots of days likes these Laurie! Cheers, Johanna

    • How wonderful that you took motorcycle vacations in Europe! (I’m a bit green with envy right now!). Do you ever ride now?
      Yesterday was a 275 mile ride through more gorgeous Virginia countryside. Wonderful!

  10. Belated Happy Birthday! Happy to read you’re finding time for yourself even if it’s in little snippets. All your time and effort in the campaign will be worth it once you’re elected!!

  11. Happy Birthday, Laurie. We were out in the country yesterday and I mentioned to my wife that I would love to ride on those dirt roads again. She couldn’t believe I said that as I have refused several times to get on a bike again. Too many accidents- well, one is too many. So drive safely and limit the beer intake. And good luck in November!

  12. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! I always get the sense that you just love life and live it to the fullest! Wishing you the best in this upcoming election and a belated happy birthday to you!

  13. Beautiful photos, especially of the accessible trail. I’m webmaster for AccessibleVirginia.org and working on an accessible trails section to be live this month. I don’t have a photo for Fenwick Mines. Would you give me permission to use the photo on this site with your credit and copyright information? One of our volunteers took one last month, and it just looks dead and unappealing. Thanks, Cheryl Duke

    • I’d be happy to have you use a photo. Thank you so much for asking! Just send me the link so I can take a look (I already visited your site, but would like to see the specific link). Laurie

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