Just 30 Miles …

… but oh the joy!


Sunday rides used to be 200 miles long. Β These days, I’m just grateful to ride down the road and along the river!


I’m quite sure that my bike misses me as I much as I miss it!


Think those mirrors need a bit of a clean?


Yeah, but if I have any time at all, I’m going to spend it riding, not cleaning πŸ™‚

41 thoughts on “Just 30 Miles …

    • Thank you for the complement about my bike. The one that was wrecked was a matte black, and I loved it, too. But I replaced it with this gorgeous red one and I love it!

    • You could not be more right, John!
      When I decided to run for office, I told them that getting on the bike at least once a week was a requirement! I’ve been getting on the bike, but not near enough!

  1. How wonderful to catch reflected glimpses of you, Laurie πŸ™‚ So glad you were able to get out (even if only for a bit) AND put your magical camera to work! As for the cleaning? Hey, if it rides just fine, who needs it! It’s just going to get dirty again πŸ˜‰ Keep enjoying these moments, my bike-riding, campaign-running friend!!

  2. I’m in catch up mode this morning with my Java at hand. Only you could make a headlamp look so purty. The red of your ride against the green of mother nature really pops. I wish for you more time to do what you love but I’m in awe of the sacrifices you’re making for the better of your community LB. Absence makes the heart grow fonder does it not? xo K

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