Sunday Afternoon Ride

Fall is here and while the morning temperature was under 40 degrees F, by early afternoon, it was over 50 and it was time to ride! Make no mistake, I ride in the winter when the roads are clear, but the first cool ride of the fall is such a change that it requires a bit more thought in terms of gear and clothing.


We set off for Floyd, a small county in Southwest Virginia known for it’s music, artisan products, and local restaurants / businesses.   The Friday Night Jamboree, held at the Floyd Country Store, features traditional, old time, and bluegrass music.

IMG_8763-2 IMG_8762-2

Floyd Fest showcases roots and progressive world music, and each year draws thousands of music lovers from all over the world (these photos from 2012).

027    106

We stopped at Dogtown Roadhouse, and while waiting for our pizza and craft beer, I wandered around town to capture the scene.

IMG_8750-2 IMG_8757-2 IMG_8758-2 IMG_8760-2 IMG_8761-2 IMG_8765-2

Once back on the road, the others headed for home, but I kept on riding.  I just wasn’t ready to get off the bike.  First, I rode to the old Radford Water Tower,


and then down to the river.

_MG_8795-3 _MG_8778-2 _MG_8775-2

I could have ridden even longer, but evening was coming on and I still had chores to do.

Some rides are short on miles, this one only 85, but it was long on curvy roads, beautiful scenery, and fun times with friends.

56 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Ride

    • There are so many wonderful places in the world, and so many yet to see and explore, but I am so very glad to live and work in Southwest Virginia. I’m close enough to bigger cities to be able to enjoy the things I miss by living in a small locality, but I can ride along rivers, through mountains and valleys, and have a 10 minute commute to work. Not too shabby 🙂

  1. I want to go loiter at the Floyd Country Store. This sounds like an excellent day, and what a blue sky. In the fall temperatures it must have been so great- warm in the sun, cool in the shade. I’ll bet you didn’t even mind doing chores after this ride.

    • You are so right … the chores got done and I didn’t even complain 🙂
      And yes, you would enjoy Floyd. This small SWVA county has the diversity and culture of far bigger places.

  2. Beautiful! That’s what I wished I had done but with a brutal north wind and temps never getting above 40…..well, I made some stew!!!! At dawn the temp had fallen to 31…….ugh!!!! Love that “quilt motif” in the photo above “Red Rooster”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will be using that one for sure!!! Hugs…………………

    • Good Eye! If you ever quilt that Red Rooster, be sure to let me know!
      On a 30 to 40 degree day, stew sounds pretty perfect. You surely didn’t get much of a summer did you, Doreen?

      • We didn’t!!! And now we have a couple of weeks and must pull the RV home to winterize!!!!! I just can’t seem to wrap my head around that idea that it’s the end of the season!!!!!!!

  3. I dawdled over these photos – inspired by the sign at the Floyd County Store 🙂 What a picturesque store it is too, I would surely love to linger around there for a while! I cannot make up my mind if your part of the world is simply more spectacular and beautiful than anywhere else on the globe or if it is your artist’s eye knows exactly which angle to shoot from to make everything look its very best……….

    You inspire me to take my point and shoot with us on our daily walks – just to see if my world looks just as interesting and beautiful as yours 🙂

    • I was hoping you’d see this blog, Laurie! While it’s a small little place, there are so many fun things to see, and I thought of you 🙂

  4. I agree with Pauline: your part of the world fascinates me, and your eye and attention to detail bring out the best in all of it. I’ll be fall is a wonderful time to ride, but as you say, with precautions in place.

    Beautiful one and all, but among my favorites, the golden glasses of beer, and the twinkling lights on the river. Pure magic.

    • Magic! I love to hear that as it seems that magic is the word around WP today. I came home from the ride and just wasn’t sure I’d caught any photos of interest. I’m glad that these have been well received.
      And speaking of other things around WP today … goals. Mine is to increase strength. I’ve had a bit of an equilibrium issue since the wreck (very, very minimal) but I’ve found I have a tendency to wobble the bike just a bit when coming to a stop, and because of that I need to increase strength to keep the bike up (I dropped the bike at a stop sign at the end of this post’s ride and I have a big ol bruise on my elbow – thank goodness for my new leather jacket!). So anyway! While you go candy free, I’m lifting weights and working on my core.

      • Crikey! A bruise on your elboy, I bet that hurt. I jest, unkindly alas, thereby proving I am not at all wonderful 🙂 Dropping that big red bike cannot be a good thing, either for you or the bike! Are you lifting weights at home or going to the gym? I wonder if having a big accident affects our equilibrium – I responded to another post this morning which was all about how we fall over and ever since my accident on the stairs I am very inclined to not be upright at the drop of a hat 🙂 You had a major accident so I am not surprised to hear you might experience wobbles now and again – and especially when tired. Yay to you for lifting weights and taking yourself in hand. So by the end of October you will have pecs like Mikes Halloween ones, Alys will disappear when she stands side on – and I will have finished a painting. You two grabbed the tougher challenges! And as I have faith in both of you I now feel even more obliged to complete my work…… sigh!

      • That’s an excellent goal, Laurie. I wonder if you can find a Pilates class in your area as well? It works wonders on your core. It’s one of the best series of exercises I’ve ever done. I’ve been taking a class two days a week for seven years. Love it.

    • Hi Mary! I’m just back from your blog. What a positive journey after a difficult time. How great to focus on the positive … even if it’s just one little thing.
      And you love to ride on a motorcycle, too. How great is that? What do you ride and how often? I’m just getting back on the bike after a wreck one year ago.
      Thank you so much for the One Lovely Blog nomination. I’ve become friends with some really awesome women on WP and will share your blog with them.

    • Yes, it was great to be outside! I really wish I could spend more time on my favorite hobbies: photography and biking. Quit the job?? ha!

    • Thanks Joe … I sure do wish I could spend more time riding and taking photos. Darn job! (just kidding … at least I love what I do)

  5. Looks like you had a perfect day! Love that charming town and have to admit, that photo of the beer got me thirsty! And those river shots, wow! Just love the sparkling light!

  6. Is there any road you could that doesn’t have a cute little town to stop in. I think it’s take me months to get thru West Virginia. It totally looks like a blast from the past, alla Mayberry. I’d head to Floyd’s General on a Friday, buy the aqua bowl in the window and admire all the wares from inside with the sun shining thru all the gorgeous windows. Then I’d stay for the Jamboree. It’s the full meal deal. I love the perspective on the iron fencing and of course the river pic’s. Rivers are the lifeblood of a community I think. It’s the ribbon that binds it all together. We’re really loving living close to the river now. xoK

    • Hey K!
      Thanks for your always lovely comments and for seeing the aqua bowl in the window 🙂
      I was thinking of you this weekend as I visited some of the wineries in North Carolina (post coming soon). Not sure what it was in particular that made me think of you … just that I hoped you were taking time to breathe. You’ve been alot lately, and while we all go through those crazier times, we need to take some time to breathe. You know? Take care you!

      • I know why you’re always surrounded by friends, you take the time to care. It’s just the nicest thing. We’re enjoying fall this year. Beautiful weather and so much to be thankful for xox K

    • Thank you, Tina! It really is such a cool community, with a great mix of transplanted “hippies” and traditional SW Virginia farmers. It’s just wonderful!

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