Mothers With … and Without

Today, I am thinking of all the amazing women in my life and all that they have done for me and for those around them.

In particular today, I am thinking about the women without children.

They serve as guidance-givers to friends, family, and even strangers, and as role models and confidantes. They are our aunts, teachers, on-the-job mentors, and neighbors. They might not have given birth or raised children, but they’ve made a difference to the young people in their lives — nieces and nephews, and the children of their friends.

Whether by choice, or by other circumstance, these women earn just as much love and recognition as women with children.
Raising a glass to all mothers and mothers without children ❤

Around Radford

Saturday dawned with a list of errands that needed running, and despite the expectation of rain, I decided to ride the bike.  It should surprise no one that I also made sure to find time to shoot some of the local scene.


I wish I could give you a little back story about this courtyard and the wall that surrounds it, but I have no history.  The plan is to go to Facebook and see if some of the Radford locals can help me out.  Many is the time that I have tried to capture a photo to reflect the wall’s uniqueness, and many times I have deleted those images.  Not today!


It was quite overcast, but clouds always make for intriguing images.


The post processing here reflects the historic trestle over the New River, and a monochrome image will be posted on Monochromia sometime in the next few weeks.


In order to get these images, I had to stop the bike and walk over the bridge.  Thankfully, this fencing only briefly obscures the view.


Some friends have purchased, and while still running the business, are renovating this 50 yr old Pizza House.



A quick stop at a friend’s home yielded these Rhododendron images.  Such a gorgeous bud and bloom!


Every item on the To Do List was checked off, and I enjoyed a cool, slightly drizzly ride.

Satisfaction indeed!

The First of Many

It happened almost over night


The first Rhododendron bud opened


My Rhododendrum shrubs (or Rhodies, as we like to call them) are full of buds

_MG_4152 _MG_4154 _MG_4146

By the end of the day, a few other buds had started to bloom.


Soon, the entire shrub will be full of gorgeous blooms such as this one from last May.


Rhodies are abundant in this part of the world.  “Tall, wild varieties can reach over 35 feet high, and are found throughout the coastal mountain ranges from New York to Georgia. Designated as West Virginia’s state flower, rhododendrons are particularly abundant in the Great Smoky and the Blue Ridge mountains. Species in the Pacific northwest from northern California to British Columbia vary in heights” (

Rhodies in the Evening Light

Sometimes I’m home at just the right time to catch the evening light on the rhododendrons outside my front door.  I wish I could take credit for them being there, but they came with the house when I bought it 16 years ago.

Different Colors / Different Evenings.