Mothers With … and Without

Today, I am thinking of all the amazing women in my life and all that they have done for me and for those around them.

In particular today, I am thinking about the women without children.

They serve as guidance-givers to friends, family, and even strangers, and as role models and confidantes. They are our aunts, teachers, on-the-job mentors, and neighbors. They might not have given birth or raised children, but they’ve made a difference to the young people in their lives — nieces and nephews, and the children of their friends.

Whether by choice, or by other circumstance, these women earn just as much love and recognition as women with children.
Raising a glass to all mothers and mothers without children ❤

17 thoughts on “Mothers With … and Without

  1. You always make me feel like a star! Not having children can leave you out sometimes. They don’t have a holiday for us, but I feel like I have lots of extended family who’ve all grown up now and some have had babies of their own and that’s been enough for me. Happy Mothers Day LB and to woman I love, cheers ❤

    • I have so many close friends who do not have their own human children but have many animals that they are mothers to AND so many friends who are the best aunts / friends / support people that anyone could ever want. You definitely are maternal to those kitties and to those that you love ❤

  2. Well said!! And there’s an awful lot of women who have been or are mothers who shouldn’t be allowed within a hundred metres of kids – so it’s not so much a physical attribute as a spiritual one – a gift of love ❤

  3. Thank you for this Laurie. It brought tears to my eyes. There was a point in my life when I realized what lovely mentors I’ve had (leaving aside my mother, who would take more than a comment). And at that point I realized I could do that for someone else, and that they were looking to me for it. It’s lovely, helping someone move forward and using what was useful to me to pass it on. People can be so generous, and I’m grateful for those that were to me, and hopeful that I can pass that on.

    • Lisa, you’ve captured in words exactly what I was thinking. I am confident that there are many who have benefited from your friendship, love, and wisdom.

  4. Ms. Laurie B, I definitely was thinking of you when I posted this morning. Take a look. 😉

    Oh my goodness what a beautiful and thoughtful tribute. I have a couple of mothers in my life who didn’t give birth. But both of them raised stepchildren. There are special struggles just for those women, who don’t only have the regular challenges of raising kids, but also have to constantly prove they have the right to raise the kids. It’s a tough job and I so admire the strength and grace of those who raise stepchildren.

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