Around Radford

Saturday dawned with a list of errands that needed running, and despite the expectation of rain, I decided to ride the bike.  It should surprise no one that I also made sure to find time to shoot some of the local scene.


I wish I could give you a little back story about this courtyard and the wall that surrounds it, but I have no history.  The plan is to go to Facebook and see if some of the Radford locals can help me out.  Many is the time that I have tried to capture a photo to reflect the wall’s uniqueness, and many times I have deleted those images.  Not today!


It was quite overcast, but clouds always make for intriguing images.


The post processing here reflects the historic trestle over the New River, and a monochrome image will be posted on Monochromia sometime in the next few weeks.


In order to get these images, I had to stop the bike and walk over the bridge.  Thankfully, this fencing only briefly obscures the view.


Some friends have purchased, and while still running the business, are renovating this 50 yr old Pizza House.



A quick stop at a friend’s home yielded these Rhododendron images.  Such a gorgeous bud and bloom!


Every item on the To Do List was checked off, and I enjoyed a cool, slightly drizzly ride.

Satisfaction indeed!

42 thoughts on “Around Radford

  1. My weekend did not allow for such 2-wheeled adventures, unfortunately. I wish it had only been drizzle!!!!! Love the ‘wall’ photos and, yes, the stairway, too! “Snippets of Life”…hmmmm?????

  2. Double-dealing Laurie – tick and tick! What’s a bit of drizzle when everything gets done and fun and photos are included? The photo of the bridge looks familiar to me – perhaps its the time of year and the images in my mind of Radford and you and a red bike – but I had a wash of yearning …………… xoxo

    • You went over that bridge several times, Pauline! On the way to the wine store, the grocery store, and the haunted mansion 🙂 AND we walked underneath it at the park.
      Such great memories!!
      Alys and I just yesterday had a brief blog chat about a NZ reunion 🙂

      • Now that is sounding exciting! I’m working on getting you a bike to borrow while here ……. 🙂 [I’ve got the book of bikers road maps and suchlike all lined up already] xo

      • Aha! I’m glad you mentioned that. I can relate to those yearnings as well. What a great post, Laurie. I often feel that I’m along for the ride.

        Those red stairs are fabulous, and as I follow you on FB, I’ve learned a thing or two about that wall today as well. You live in the heart of so much history. I love it.

      • The red stair image has been well liked and I’m so pleased. That scene caught my eye but I was really worried that I had not been able to capture it well.

    • Thank you, Lisa. I was just telling Alys that those stairs caught my eye and I was worried that I’d not captured them well.
      And those Rhodys: I had 5 simply beautiful, very large plants that had to come out when a huge tree had to come down (broke my heart to both counts). Im looking forward to planting new ones!

    • Thank you, Derrick. Clouds … when I first began to play with photography, clouds were a main subject. So captivating, so energizing. They make me happy!

  3. I hate days when I have to run a bunch of errands–but you definitely made the most of it! You got some great photos of things most us would never look twice at!

    • Those stairs are favs with me, too. I’ve been saying that I was worried that I’d not captured them well. The fact that folks are commenting on them makes me so happy (and relieved)

  4. Let me know when the pizza place opens. I’ll meet you and Joe there. The first round’s on me. And maybe the pizza, too.

  5. Hi honey-buns. I can’t even believe how long it’s been since I last came by. Terrible. I miss you every time I see a bike zoom by and frequent moments in-between. Please know I’m watching you on Instagram and FB too. I’m like that creepy neighbour that just peeks through the curtains, watching you come and go. LOL
    New River looks well fed this spring. It seems to run very close to the trees. Our river is down due to no rains and a major city up north was evacuated due to a wide fire.
    My favourite photo today is the facade of the old pizza place. I love looking at old brick buildings. xo k

    • You are the best creepy neighbor ever! 🙂
      I keep hearing snippets about that fire. Is it contained yet? I guess I could google that couldn’t it?

      • That fire isn’t contained but has moved east toward Saskatchewan (weird name hey?) It’s the next province over from Alberta. The fire has grown to 229,000 hectares. The thought of your firefighting days came to mind. These guys have been working day and night, they’ve save the downtown. Sadly some 2,500 homes were lost but no lives.

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