Getting Around

Yes! The campaign is affording me time on the bike! And of course that means, a teeny bit of time with the camera, too.  I’m not getting the practice I need, nor am I learning more about the camera, but it sure feels good to play a bit while working!

The 12th District in the Virginia House of Delegates includes parts of Pulaski County,


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The City of Radford,



most of Montgomery County,

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and Giles County.


I’ve knocked over 2000 doors, and I sure am fortunate to do it in such a beautiful place.

100 Days ’til Election Day!

(and in 7 days … VACATION!)

When I Can’t Travel On The Bike …

… I can still enjoy the beauty of Southwest Virginia from the truck!  It took me an hour longer than usual to get home from the 80th Birthday Celebration (see below) because I was traveling under this amazing sky and through these lovely mountains.

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Aren’t I lucky to have such healthy, happy, and FUN parents?