It’s 7pm … Now We Wait

It’s 7pm.  The polls have just closed, and the waiting has begun.

I wanted to let you know, right now, before the winner is announced, what an incredible opportunity running for Delegate has been.  I’ve met and worked alongside passionate, motivated people, and been encouraged by thousands of citizens throughout the 12th, and around the WP world.  I am truly humbled by the support of friends, both new and old.  This is an experience I’ll not soon forget.

And while I worked hard and feel confident that I’ll be working from Richmond in January, I want to assure you that even if I am not, I will continue to stand for healthcare, for women, for education, and equality.  The fight will not end, and I hope you’ll be there standing with me.

Thanks for everything. Now we wait!



Election day in the US is just 2 days away and I thought I’d share a photo of a gift I received after entering the race for the Virginia House of Delegates.

Like many of you, LMA from Suffragette Kitty has become a WordPress friend and supporter of my campaign.  She is a passionate feminist and supporter of the Women’s Movement, and I love her writing.  Early in the campaign, LMA sent me this collection of items from Orchard House, the home of Louisa May Alcott.

“In the days before the 19th Amendment, a wealthy Newport socialite ordered a tea set emblazoned with the phrase “Votes for Women” to make a point to the influential guests who often dined with her. The Alcotts were ardent supporters of the women’s suffrage movement, and today we offer replicas of this tea set and other items bearing the “Votes for Women” motto” (from the Museum Store catalog).

And one more thing:  Thank you for your friendship and support, emotionally and financially, during this campaign.  I cannot thank you enough and I look forward to visiting with you soon!

❤ Laurie

Counting Down!

 100 Days To Go! **

In that you have all been so supportive of my run for the House of Delegates, I thought I’d give you a look inside the campaign.  The best part?  The staff, organizers, interns, and volunteers!  Their enthusiasm keeps me energized!

They knock doors!


They make calls!


They are organized!



Then there are the folks I get to meet along the way,


the friends who volunteer to canvass for me,



and meeting the Lieutenant Governor was pretty great, too!


And of course, you already know about the beauty of the 12th District.


All in all, the positives far outweigh the challenges!  Thanks for your words of encouragement and support!

**  You probably know that I am a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, and when providing care for pregnant women, we calculate their gestational age based on their last menses, which gives us their EDC (their “due date”).  At the beginning of this campaign, I decided to consider Election Day, November 3rd, my due date!  Based on that, I am 26 weeks into my campaign gestation! Hee hee! Gotta have a little humor, right? **



Getting Around

Yes! The campaign is affording me time on the bike! And of course that means, a teeny bit of time with the camera, too.  I’m not getting the practice I need, nor am I learning more about the camera, but it sure feels good to play a bit while working!

The 12th District in the Virginia House of Delegates includes parts of Pulaski County,


_MG_6965-2 _MG_6966-2

The City of Radford,



most of Montgomery County,

IMG_6635-2 IMG_6631-2 IMG_6634-2 _MG_6773-2

and Giles County.


I’ve knocked over 2000 doors, and I sure am fortunate to do it in such a beautiful place.

100 Days ’til Election Day!

(and in 7 days … VACATION!)