When I Can’t Travel On The Bike …

… I can still enjoy the beauty of Southwest Virginia from the truck! ย It took me an hour longer than usual to get home from the 80th Birthday Celebration (see below) because I was traveling under this amazing sky and through these lovely mountains.

046 047 053 050 052

Aren’t I lucky to have such healthy, happy, and FUN parents?


33 thoughts on “When I Can’t Travel On The Bike …

  1. Both Photo’s and healthy longevity are magnificent! Happy Birthday to the Octogenarian! I should hope to be so lucky. Fab group, look at all those shining faces! So you come from good stock, AWESOME!

    How could you not help stopping really? Just look at that sky. I’d encourage you to start painting. These are a work of art LB.

  2. awesome clouds…I know what you mean about it taking you longer to get home…I’m always looking at the clouds!!! Happy 80th Birthday to your parents…wonderful to be able to celebrate such a fabulous day with them!

Because Boomdee dared me: Lay a little sugar on me :-)

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