Getting Around

Yes! The campaign is affording me time on the bike! And of course that means, a teeny bit of time with the camera, too.  I’m not getting the practice I need, nor am I learning more about the camera, but it sure feels good to play a bit while working!

The 12th District in the Virginia House of Delegates includes parts of Pulaski County,


_MG_6965-2 _MG_6966-2

The City of Radford,



most of Montgomery County,

IMG_6635-2 IMG_6631-2 IMG_6634-2 _MG_6773-2

and Giles County.


I’ve knocked over 2000 doors, and I sure am fortunate to do it in such a beautiful place.

100 Days ’til Election Day!

(and in 7 days … VACATION!)

37 thoughts on “Getting Around

  1. You are creating wonderful images with your camera, Laurie. I love the first image with the hay bales and the B&W photo of the wood fence/gate over the water. I also love the mention of Pulaski County as I am not too far away from the small city of Pulaski, WI. I hope you are going somewhere fun on the bike for your vacation…a place to relax!

    • My favorite was the B&W fence in the water, too, and I wondered if people would get it! So glad you do!
      In 6 days, I’ll be riding to the beach to spend 5 days with my Girls of August. The GOAs are the women I went to grad school with and we’ve been spending the first week of August together for almost 20 years. It truly is a time of relaxation and I CANNOT wait! 🙂

  2. SO very beautiful and serene and captures the NRV perfectly! Love your photography and how much you enjoy capturing the image, the scene, the beauty, the friend, the moment…. Thanks for sharing your gift! Delores

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  3. Just beautiful! But what caught my attention most – ‘VACATION’ ??? In the middle of CAMPAIGN ??? I did not realise ‘they’ would let you out to play for a while – how very cool! I bet you are hanging out for that! How’s the pregnancy going? It must be into third trimester now …….. swollen ankles, aching back, difficulty sleeping??? xoxo 🙂

    • Yes! VACATION!! I’m so excited! I’m heading to Nags Head, North Carolina. I’ll be with the Girls of August, my friends from grad school. We meet every August and have been doing so for almost 20 years.
      As far as the pregnancy: 26 weeks / 14 to go!! Almost to the third trimester. I’d say mood swings might be a more accurate reflection of my symptoms!
      Here’s a little info about Nags Head:
      “The Outer Banks is a 200-mile long string of narrow barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina and a small portion of Virginia, beginning in the southeastern corner of Virginia Beach on the east coast of the United States”

  4. Thanks for giving me a taste of your life on the road…what a beautiful road it is. There is promise, hope and encouragement in these images. All of which I am sure you are sinking yourself into on the trail knocking on all those doors. Keep up the great work!

  5. Oh your hayfield with the blackbirds! I almost missed them up there in the tree admiring the view. I was looking at the hay and noticing the light and then there they were! Nice. Keep on riding!

  6. All photos are fabulous but I especially like the first image with the hay bales and the black birds. Glad you’re getting a little bit of time to get out on the bike ~ we benefit by getting to see your great shots!

  7. Vacations, elections and time on the bike! Woot-woot!

    I love the photo of the flowers and the mailbox. It’s full of expectation. What’s in the box? Can I open it? Well done, Laurie.

    Interestingly, the next shot is rather unsettling. It’s as if a bridge gave way. What’s going on in that picture.

    Lots to think about here, Laurie.

    • Alys – I read your comment and realized that I never looked inside!
      I was taking shots of the library and a young woman came up and asked I was Laurie Buchwald. It turns out that she and Andrew were HS friends! I proceeded to take photos of her and forgot to look inside. For goodness sake!

  8. Your indomitable spirit! Look at you finding the joy in campaigning when it must be getting crazy and stressful at this point. However this turns out, you have had the opportunity to bring your light into so many lives (or at least to light up their front doors), and for that reason, this campaign is already a success!

    Ok, I’m going to choose a different favourite: the second photo with the hay bale lifting its face to the sun like a flower. That one made me draw my breath in. The B&W of the fence over the water is amazing! I love that still water and the curiosity of the structure and it’s purpose. Excellent choice for Monochromia.

    • Hi Crystal! It’s so lovely to sit down for a few moments and catch up with my blogging friends! Your description of the hay bale lifting it’s face to the sun. How lovely!
      I’m off to your space to see what’s up!

  9. I know everyone likes the black and white fence and water shot, but toots I’m loving the first and second shots as well as the close up on the black eyed susan. Probably because they all remind me of Tennessee…I guess Virginny’s close enough. 🙂 But seriously, those are my favorites because you have such a great eye and the first mountain one, with the birds, is particularly expressive.

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