Morning Walk on Lake Wanaka

Waking up at 6am on vacation means that I am back on Virginia time, and that is a good thing in terms of making the most of the day.  I slipped out of the house at 7:15 and took the 15 minute stroll to Lake Wanaka.

It was such a peaceful morning with just a few runners, walkers, and photographers out and about.

And a few ducks …

It was a slightly overcast morning, but slowly the sun began to peak through the clouds.

I could see the town off in the distance, and knowing that we’d be visiting later in the day, I turned around for home.

After putting my feet in the water, of course.  Look at that clear water!

14 thoughts on “Morning Walk on Lake Wanaka

    • Marlene, I just posted about our kayaking trip and made a comment about the clarity. I found out that the lake is 900 ft deep and has very little visible organic matter. Stunning!!

    • Niva! So good to hear from you! Thanks, too, for the comment. Clearly I’m not the writer, but I do try to offer a narrative to the photos. I appreciate your writer’s take on it

    • Hi Kerry – Thanks so much for commenting on my posts. It truly means alot to me!
      I justed about our kayaking trip and made comment about that clear water. It is incredible how clear it is. I’m so used to seeing a ton of organic matter on the lake where I ususally kayak.

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