Walkin’ Around

In an effort to deepen my understanding of the intricacies of my camera, I was up and out early on Sunday to walk and shoot.

Despite the remnants of snow, the signs of spring were everywhere.



The warming temperatures created a subtle mist that softened this next image.


Don’t get me wrong.  If it snows again this week, as the forecast predicts, I’ll enjoy that, too.  I’m all about trying to embrace, and capture the beauty of, whatever Mother Nature throws my way.



Even still, it was lovely to hear the birds singing all along the way.

Time on the bike will be here soon!

34 thoughts on “Walkin’ Around

  1. What a great eye you have Laurie. We have bulbs coming up at our back door & today we have a winter storm passing through. I can almost hear them screaming, “no wait, go back underground…false alarm!”

    • Tis true. It’s only February … still more cold weathèr to come.
      My little city made news yesterday because Trump is coming to town. Next week. The place is in an uproar. Protests planned and those against the protest, up in arms about the protests …

  2. Isn’t Mother Nature wonderful!!! She gives us hope just as we are about to give up to the long dark of winter. Those wonderful buds that can peak on through no matter the snow still to come. Beautiful photos and a great attitude. I love each season for what it brings too.

    • oh my gosh, there are so many buttons and such!!! Much to learn 🙂 Frankly though, I’m just glad to have a bit of time to learn.
      I love your words “the landscape is full of promise”. Remind me please: other than letters / blog, have you done much writing (and forgive me if I should know that).

      • I don’t think we have ever talked about writing as such………… I once wrote the Waldorf School curriculum for NZ which is a semi learned tome full of developmental principals and ‘how-to’s’ – it is now being used in various schools around the world…….
        I wrote plays, poems [doggerel really] and stories for children as part of my teaching career. I think that’s it really, why do you ask? Oh, no I once started to write my biography……… it got too much and I stopped 🙂

  3. Loved joining you on your walk, it looks so beautiful over there. I can’t believe the flowers are about to bloom. I can relate to your idea of embracing any weather or season. 🙂 A lovely post Laurie!

    • Hi Elina, I’m so glad to hear your thoughts. If we didn’t embrace the weather, then we would just spend all of our time complaining, right? Just live with it and find the beauty!

    • Thanks Derrick. The camera is two years old, but the campaign kept me from having the time to learn it beyond basics. I’ve still got a lot to process, but it’s fun!

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  5. Looks like you are about three weeks or so ahead of us here in Pa. There sure has been spooky weather of late. A tornado touched down in Lancaster county last night. That’s a little too close for comfort.

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