Gratitude: And Then I Met Anne

Lynn from Life After 50 offered us wise words this past week.  Give yourself a gift: read this post, and take the 10 minutes to watch an incredible video.

For those who strive to be grateful, to express gratitude, and to remember the gifts in our lives, please watch.

For those who love photography and nature, please watch.

Thanks Lynn!!

Life After 50

There are people we meet who leave an impact on us.

After a particularly stressful week, I have been feeling overextended & quite honestly, a little sorry for myself.

And then I met Anne.

Anne lives in the same retirement residence as my Mom.  She suffered a stroke 3 years ago, after being left unattended after surgery.  One might think she would be full of anger & resentment, filled with rage at the unfairness of her situation.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Perhaps she has private moments of self-pity, but every time I run into this beautiful person, she is filled with a positive energy that would put most of us to shame.

Grateful for her life, grateful for the sun shining, expressing concern for others & all but brushing aside her limitations as a result of her stroke.

Without the use of her left side, she has…

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Gratitude II

It was a long time coming, but I finally had the chance to say thank you to everyone that helped me out after my motorcycle wreck.  Bad things happen, but good things can come of them.  For months I was showered with love and care and it has been a goal of mine ever since, to say thanks.

Family and friends gathered on the new porch this past weekend, and Tim captured the scene beautifully.





Friends and family came from far and near.  For once it didn’t rain, and the sound of laughter was the only music we needed.

DSC00506 DSC00518-2


Thank You.  Two simple words with a whole bunch of love all wrapped up in them.


Gathered ‘Round

I’m quite sure that there is no better holiday than Thanksgiving.


If fortunate, the food and drink are plentiful,

IMG_0249-2 IMG_0293-2

 and family and friends are near.


From my home to yours, I wish you warmth, shelter, sustenance, and peace.  I’m thankful to have you in my WordPress World.


My son, Andrew, and me.  

Do you have a favorite holiday?

And We Breathe

The women rush through the kitchen door, hands burdened with bags of food from a quick run to the store, and faces burdened with the cares and worries of the day.  Each one feels sure she is the only overwhelmed one in the group, but very quickly realizes that she is not alone.


The house is cluttered with the detritis of the week … piles of mail on the table, various pairs of shoes scattered about on the floor, books perched on every surface … but the porch chairs have been brushed clear and the table tops are clean.

The food is quickly laid out on the table,


flowers placed in a vase,


and the candles are lit.


The talk that initially bursts forth after being surpressed all day eventually calms, and the women begin to relax, surrounded by friends who know and understand.


The porch offers a welcome respite from the world, even if temporary.


And we breathe …


I’m grateful, my blogging friends, for your incredible words of support, love, healing, and care since my motorcycle wreck.  These are the unexpected blessings of blogging.  You all bring joy to my life through your gorgeous photography, your beautifully written words, your stimulating ideas, and your love for the world at large.

Thank You.


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