And We Breathe

The women rush through the kitchen door, hands burdened with bags of food from a quick run to the store, and faces burdened with the cares and worries of the day.  Each one feels sure she is the only overwhelmed one in the group, but very quickly realizes that she is not alone.


The house is cluttered with the detritis of the week … piles of mail on the table, various pairs of shoes scattered about on the floor, books perched on every surface … but the porch chairs have been brushed clear and the table tops are clean.

The food is quickly laid out on the table,


flowers placed in a vase,


and the candles are lit.


The talk that initially bursts forth after being surpressed all day eventually calms, and the women begin to relax, surrounded by friends who know and understand.


The porch offers a welcome respite from the world, even if temporary.


And we breathe …

Slow Down, Breathe, Create … Then Have Wine!

I tend to be an organizer … a doer, planner and task master … with few outlets for creativity.  Photographing what I see around me and blogging about the stories of my life and the lives of those that I love, may just be my only creative outlets.

Yesterday, as I was rushing to take lunch and visit with a dear friend and from there, head to a birthday celebration at a local winery, I felt such a strong urge to stop and photograph the scenes around me.  What I photographed wasn’t so amazing as much as it was the time I took to do it.  It gave me a few moments to breathe, to compose, and to embrace bit of creative energy.

And it felt good (as did the wine I drank afterwards)!!  I enjoy red more than white, but this  vignette at the table nearby caught my eye.




Another post will follow shortly but the four other pictures begged for a different  venue.