I’ve Fallen And I WILL Get Up

The last you heard from me I was heading off to Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I did indeed have a wonderful ride over the mountain and through the park (more on that with photos later). That evening, I enjoyed dinner with Gary and Delores in Weaverville, a small town outside of Asheville.

On Saturday, after meeting Donna and friends for lunch in yet another small town in North Carolina, I headed out to Boone to visit my friends Christine and Bill.

Unfortunately, I had a “slight mishap”, just one mile from Christine’s home while going through an intersection.

Trip aborted and I am home recovering.

I consider myself incredibly lucky.  While I suffered injuries, I am fortunate that they are not more severe.

I have missed reading your posts (and I miss you!) and look forward to catching up with you in a few weeks.


(Thanks go to my friend Amy for typing for me!)

92 thoughts on “I’ve Fallen And I WILL Get Up

    • Lynda, unfortunately the bike is most likely totaled (waiting on the final word). I was hit while entering an intersection and suffered a severe concussion, broken nose, broken and missing teeth, chin laceration, sprained ankle, and multiple bruises / cuts. I am VERY lucky to be alive, to have escaped without permanent disability, and to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends. I’ll be off of work for at least another week … we’ll have to see. The concussion with resulting headaches, nausea, fatigue, and dizziness is the biggest hurdle, but it will take months to get the dental situation resolved.
      I remain a blessed woman!!
      Thanks for your thoughts!!

      • Geeze! Just reading this made me cringe… and brought tears to my eyes. You are a strong woman and I know you will recover quickly. The insurance will take care of replacing your bike, but in the meantime you need to lay low and follow Drs. orders. I am so sorry this happened, LB. Sending prayers your way.

      • I am so, SO sorry. Sorry for the extent of your injuries – which, though maybe not life-threatening, are numerous and will take time to overcome. And I am sorry for the loss of that beautiful bike, because I know how much you loved it! I’m glad that you seem to have lots of support and someone to bring you milkshakes.

        I will look forward to reading about your adventures and enjoying the photos you take along the way, but only after you have fully recovered. No need to type a reply, Rest, recover, and enjoy some more milkshakes.

        Thinking of you and sending healing vibes.

  1. What a shame you seemed so excited about the ride. At least you are still alive and we all miss your upbeat posts. Take your time recovering, but hurry up, LOL. I look forward to your next post 😀

      • OH… your motorcycle…. and your injuries. You are a lucky woman! I am so very sorry to hear this. Rest up and give yourself time to recover. I really am happy you escaped without permanent disability and you’ve got people looking out for you.

  2. I’m both horrified and relieved at the same time. What misery LB! You must be really busted up if you can’t even type, I’m so sad to hear you’re hurt :_( Personally speaking, don’t you dare worry one bit about keeping up at Boomland…it’s mostly silliness and giggles…you WILL rest, relax, recuperate and REBOUND first! Take care my dear, I’ll be thinking about you. I might even spy in on you once in a while :D. Gentle hugs coming your way. xoK

    • Ah Kelly, i’m doing my best to relax and recover and have been surrounded by family and friends, both local and virtual 🙂 thanks for your kind words and see my reply to Lynda for more details if desired.

      • !!!! Lucky for sure, but what a tragic thing, I’m just shocked to read your reply to Lynda. OMGosh Laurie, you must have been in terrible pain with broken teeth and everything else. Are the headaches improving? I’m glad to hear you have family and friends around you. Hells bells, I hope everything will be alright. You know what, your new teeth will probably be even nicer…they do great things for smiles now. I have a number of scars on my face, I grew up with 3 brothers. I know your spirit might be hurting too, you were so looking forward to you trip and I know how much you love that bike. All that can be again, but you can’t. I’m so glad you’re alive! Lots of love Kelly.

  3. sorry to hear you had an accident which caused you to cut your trip short, I know you were so looking forward to this trip…but happy to hear you you are mending!!! take care of yourself, we will be here when you are able to type….

    • Thanks Heather! I definitely was looking forward to it, but am also very thankful to be alive!! I so apprciate your comment … the concussion signs are easing and typing is improving. See my reply to Lynda if you want more details …

      • Just read your response to Lynda…WOW…scary for you…but good to hear you are starting to feel better! Teeth can be replaced eventually, but a concussion is serious…take care of yourself! By the way…sorry about your bike…but…it too can be replaced when the time comes!

  4. Oh my goodness Laurie! I’m so thankful you are OK. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery! Look forward to seeing your photographs when you have recovered! Blessings, Robyn

    • I will recover (the bike will not unfortunately). It’s a slow steady process but I am a fortunate woman for certain! Thanks for your awesome comments

      • Yikes-a-mundo! I just read your description at the top of what your injuries actually were. That is terribly serious and you were downplaying it much too much in your post. Maybe to spare us the wretched details. I read this in my email (which doesn’t attach comments) and had no idea till I came back. Oh, my friend, I am so sorry so sorry so sorry. And the bike…. is your heart breaking for your companion’s wounds as well?

        We all knew you were bound for an adventure, but what an unexpected adventure it turned out to be. Something profound will come of this. I always see big changes in me after I have to go through something traumatic. You are the kind of woman who will rise up wiser and more powerful than before. So…. here’s hoping that happens as soon as possible. Big, giant, Internet-based hugs for you. ❤

      • Crystal, you are so incredibly right about something profound coming out of this. I’m working on an idea, and you’ll be the perfect person to run it by when I’ve put worked it through a bit more

  5. LB, you are courageous, and resilient. You will get up. Stay strong, we don’t want to go on without your wonderful, upbeat posts. And yes, thanks to Amy!

    • Mike, just your positive thoughts! I offered more details in a response to Lynda, but I’ll repeat that I could not be more fortunate to be alive, without permanent disability, and to be surrounded by love both local and virtual., I hate that my best feature (my smile) will be forever changed but what’s several missing / broken teeth when you alive? Teeth can be replaced, right? 🙂

      • Oh shit. Yes, teeth can be replaced. You certainly have my positive thoughts and I’ll go see you comment to Lynda. You are a tough woman, you’ll endure.

      • Your smile your best feature? Nope. Your best features are your heart and personality and they’ll shine through every time. xo

  6. Im just glad you are okay and still active on your blog 🙂 Hope you recuperate fully soon and I look forward to hearing your adventures and awaiting for your photos! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Just today, 9 days after the accident, I was able to download the images (aren’t I lucky that the camera survived intact!). I can’t wait to see how they turned out!

  7. oh geez – I’ve been slack in my social media and just now seeing this, YIKES!! So scary! I’m praying for your speedy recovery. Sorry to hear about your teeth – I had to get 3 new front teeth after taking a bite out of the tile floor in the bathroom (I have EMBARRASSING accidents) and I think you’ll like your new ones, they feel so smooth and are not susceptible to red wine stains, which, as we all know, is REALLY important 😉 I hope you are past your concussion and feeling better. So glad you are still in one piece, well, except for the teeth 😦 Sending love and gentle hugs your way!

    • I’m so glad to hear from you and really appreciate hearing about your new teeth (and love the red wine stain comment!). I see the oral surgeon on Tuesday …
      Thanks for your prayers and positive comments!

  8. Hey LB, I just saw your post today with the roses and realized something must have happened. I’m SO sorry to hear of your accident!! You are lucky to be alive and not more seriously injured. Keep up that positive attitude! You continue to be an inspiration to us. And that pic of you and the bike is GREAT!! You’ll be on the road again soon enough. Hugs to you. xoxo

    • Thanks for the encouragement! You are so right – I can not believe how fortunate am! Off to the oral surgeon tomorrow. It’s gonna take some time to get some new teeth 🙂

      • Yes, re the new teeth… do you have insurance? A good dentist? As you may recall I got a new bridge earlier this year after my tooth nearly fell out in Vermont. They removed it and filed down the two adjoining, then gave me a temporary bridge while I was waiting for the permanent one, so I didn’t have to walk around looking like a hillbilly vampire. 🙂 The good news is they can usually give you perfect-looking new teeth. For me, the bridge was an improvement! Hang in there. xx

  9. I’m so sorry to hear of your accident and injuries. I’m relieved it wasn’t ‘worse’ but it certainly sounds bad enough. I’m glad you are surrounded by family and friends and that you have medical care and support. I know we’re all saying it, but rest, relax and repeat should be your new mantra till you are feeling like yourself again. Best of luck with the dental surgery to come. I hope the headaches subside soon. Big hugs to you, Laurie. xox

    • So good to hear from you and thanks for the well wishes and support from afar. My mother heads home tomorrow, as does my sister, so I am “on my own”(except for the regular visits and support from local friends!). I can not say it enough … I am a blessed woman! Thank you Alys!

      • I’m sorry your parents had to go, but that also tells me they were able to leave because you are doing better.

        I’m glad you have the support of local friends. Is there anything I can do from afar?

  10. Oh NOOOOOO!
    I was just going through my reader for the first time in months Laurie, and I am so sorry to hear about your terrible injuries.
    You poor thing, I hope you are recovering well? I hope the setbacks aren’t serious?
    I too am struggling to recover, have had a recent relapse and infection and look like having the same struggles as this past year all over again in the coming one.
    I feel like hopping on a plane and coming over to bitch with you about all the crazy, unfair shit the universe throws our way, just when we think we’ve nearly got it under control. Yeah?
    You ARE lucky to be alive, and you are such a very strong woman, I admire for your strength and determination not to let things get you down.
    I’ve always felt a warm glow from you and have drawn strength from your comments and support. I’d like to repay the favor.
    Please be well. xx

    • You have no idea how happy I was to see this message from you! I’ve thought of you so many times and even checked in to your blog to make sure I wasn’t missing updates.
      I sure hate to hear that you’ve had a relapse (although I feared that since you were quiet on the blog). I hope and pray you have someone who will work with you to try to get you healthy!!
      As for me, yeah … the accident has sucked, while at the same time has filled me with gratitude to be ALIVE, and without even more damage, and to be surrounded by family, friends, and so many lovely folks around the blogging world who have been incredibly supportive.
      Two days ago I had extensive oral surgery (well, to me 1 root extraction and 3 implants was extensive! root canals and other fun things pending).. The pain is under control after an uncomfortable first day. The concussion symptoms are improving day by day and all the other injuries (broken nose, lacerations, extensive bruising, black eyes, sprained ankle) are healing well. Sadly, the bike was totaled … darn woman who hit me in an intersection!! But I will ride again!!
      I am truly a lucky woman!
      And YES! It would be great to heal together!!
      Again, I’ve thought of you so many times! My thoughts for strength, patience and healing are with you my friend!!
      You have made my day!!!! xoxo

  11. Hey there, LB:

    You have been absent, online. And, I have come looking. I am sorry to read of a motorcycle accident, of injuries sustained and a motorbike that’s carried you for a good stretch around the globe possibly being written-off. On my side, having lost good friends and students to accidents, it does me good to read that you’re one who’s on the mend and working through recovery making good use of your camera.

    To sustain your appetite for all that riding the road is, here are a few songs, a playlist that you might explore to draw you forward – Chuck Berry or John Mayer’s ‘Route 66,’ Rascal Flatts or Tom Cochrane’s ‘Life is a Highway,’ ‘Country Road’ by James Taylor, David Gray’s ‘Sail Away,’ ‘Seven Bridges Road,’ by the Eagles and ‘Thank U’ by Alanis Morissette. More than anything, the last song considers living out the experience of receiving grace, a lesson brought my way and opened-out by Belfast, Ireland’s Presbyterian Minister, Steve Stockman. He’s written about U2 and their take on the gospel and perhaps more poignantly, in my Life, he’s anchored my understanding of grace with four lines taken from his poem, ‘Up On Scarlet Street.’

    “Some may call it blasphemy
    But I believe it’s true
    God lies there beside you in the gutter
    And grace, like a mother holds you.”

    The poem can be found at http://stocki.typepad.com/soulsurmise/2010/11/index.html .

    For you, rest and recovery are likely the big thing right now. I hope you’ll pay attention to your body and to your doctor so that you’ll heal well.

    Take good care of your good self. 🙂

    • I have saved your comment in another format, because I love it so. I love the songs you chose (and will listen to them) and I read the poem from the link you shared.
      This means much to me and I am grateful, very much so

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