Gratitude II

It was a long time coming, but I finally had the chance to say thank you to everyone that helped me out after my motorcycle wreck.  Bad things happen, but good things can come of them.  For months I was showered with love and care and it has been a goal of mine ever since, to say thanks.

Family and friends gathered on the new porch this past weekend, and Tim captured the scene beautifully.





Friends and family came from far and near.  For once it didn’t rain, and the sound of laughter was the only music we needed.

DSC00506 DSC00518-2


Thank You.  Two simple words with a whole bunch of love all wrapped up in them.


56 thoughts on “Gratitude II

  1. I am so, so sorry we missed this!! It looks like it was a lovely event. xo

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    Member and Shareholder
    Carr Maloney P.C.
    2000 L Street, NW
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    Washington, DC 20036

  2. Beautiful post and images Laurie 🙂 Just one thing – thats a lot of wine glasses did you have a 55 gallon drum on hand ? 🙂

    • You should see my “wine glass” closet! In that I try not to throw more stuff into the landfill, I have enough stuff to throw a party for 80 and never throw away a glass, plate, utencil, or napkin. (Yeah … I’m not right!) So … I have closet full of various types of glasses. Enough for a 55 gallon drum 🙂

  3. I missed a wonderful event! Lookit you standing there on the railing of your new porch, glass saluting……. I can’t imagine the world without you there in your corner of it. It’s a memory that fills me with delight! The new porch looks great and your grandmother’s furniture fits in perfectly – the back porch must now feel more spacious 🙂 Laurie, you have made me feel so very special being part of the group enabled to celebrate your life with you. Thank you xoxo

  4. Laurie! What a happy crowd of friends, wonderful food and your brand spanking new front porch. Even the rain stayed away so you could celebrate. It must be fun using your grandmother’s furniture out there. She would be so happy to see you smiling and cheering and enjoying life. I know I am. Having had the chance to spend a few days in your home makes all of this seem so real. I found myself looking for familiar serving pieces on your table and recognizing some of the trees to the side of your house. Gorgeous photos to commemorate the day.

    • Alys, I have to tell you that I thought of you as my friends and I set to arranging the dining room. I told them how you had placed the table and how your creativity really set the scene. You were a part of this Gratitude Party.

  5. I can’t think of a better reason for a party! Going through an accident, like the one you had, really give extra meaning to these special moments with friends.

  6. LOL, I can’t believe you’ve left the same invitation to comment here so long Laurie. I laugh every time I arrive. We’re a couple of nutty-nuts and I love you to bits ❤ You're adorable and feel free to update it at any time.

    Now, who's the bestest hostess in the west? Everything about your get togethers is warm, easy and festive Laurie. Honestly, I think you could easily corral you're photo's and hosting philosophies into a wee book and who know's? Maybe finance a run for Senate (and beyond)…just sayin' . I mean, look at the nibblies, they're perfection. I have first hand seen how many enjoy being at your home, in your company. People gravitate to your happiness, it's infectious and we want to bask in your glow that's obvious. What isn't obvious in a photo is how much love you have for your community and all who know you. Pinch me, I'm tickled I get to be part of it all xo K

  7. I say we ditch the ideas of birthday parties and make them all into gratitude parties. Whenever one’s heart is beginning to spill over with the abundance of grace, it’s a good time to send out the invitations and start thanking folks for contributing to that overflowing fountain.
    I think your get together is as good as one can ever get, Laurie. The world is lucky to have you in it–for as long as it can hold your wheels to the road.

    • Yes!! I’m telling you … almost as soon as my brain was right again (and that was awhile after the wreck) I decided to have the party. I was given the greatest gift in friendship and love, and it was so important to me to give back. It took awhile, but I finally did it!

  8. Oh, what wonderful, heartwarming photos, Laurie! There is nothing better than times spent with friends, especially in celebration of something good. The love and gratitude just oozes out of your photo story. Your porch looks absolutely lovely and you’re definitely rocking those martini glasses 😀 Cheers to you, my friend 🍻

    • Thank you, Stacy. It was a fabulous evening! I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by loving friends and family. I need to stop over to your place and see how you’re doing!

  9. What a way to celebrate Life, my friend!!! I am in need of a good party and am sad I missed out. To see your beaming face holding high the glass as if to say “I salute you!” brings a huge grin to my face. Great party, great images, and a post that warmed my Heart. Thank you for sharing!!! Love, Amy ❤

  10. Here I am, dreadfully late to the party. I *knew* you would have blogged about this, so I suspected it would be here if I ever found the time to come looking.

    That last photo just nearly makes me cry. The scene is warm and lovely, but something about you in that photo is very emotional. Tim captured it well.

    Also, interesting, the first photo was cropped when I began reading. The bottom of the frame went right through the hydrangeas. Cropped like that, the arms of your grandmother’s chairs are lovely curved wings. Go take a look! Now, I am *not* an angel person, but I do like the angel armrests nonetheless. 🙂

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