A few weeks ago, a group of friends and I celebrated a 60th birthday in a lovely cabin in Claytor Lake State Park.  As we were out exercising that first morning, we happened upon the Claytor Lake Triathlon.  Started in 2011, the planners of the event wanted to hold a triathlon on the open water, as opposed to a swimming pool, and in an suburban environment, away from urban traffic.  156 competitors, including those in the relay, participated in the 2016 Triathlon.


We were so inspired as we watched individuals of both genders, all ages, and various abilities swim, bike, and run to the finish.



The hardcore athletes were easy to pick out, but it was the “regular folk” who moved us to tears.

The Triathon includes a 500 meter swim

_mg_5465-2 _mg_5471-2

A 12.5 mile bike


and a 5K Run


I’ve never photographed a sporting event before, but I could not put my camera down.  In between cheering for the competitors, and wiping my tearful eyes,  I just had to keep shooting.


What an awesome support team for Dad!


Some competitors accomplished all three portions by themselves.


Others competed in a team relay, and either swam, rode, or ran.

_mg_5558-5 _mg_5560-3

What a thrill to watch, and what an accomplishment for these competitors.

Maybe I’ll give it a try next year 🙂

Sure Looks Like 60 is the New 40

A few weeks ago, we gathered to celebrate the 60th birthday of a friend. This group of women has been celebrating each other’s birthdays for many years, and as the years have gone by, we have turned an evening into a weekend.

A weekend of Incredible sunrises


Lots of time on the water – photo credit Liz Altieri since I’m the one in the cowboy hat


Yummy food and drink


Gifts and Games

img_5418-3 img_5422-2 img_5426-3

60 Candles and Lots of Sparklers

_mg_5629-2 _mg_5652-2 _mg_5630-2

A comfortable cabin with lovely views

_mg_5438-2 _mg_5655-2 20160911_071505-2

It was the perfect way to celebrate 60!


Sailing Along


What a blessing it is to be surrounded by family and friends; to have good health, a steady income, and lots of civic commitment; to live amidst and enjoy nature’s beauty.

As I sail along through life’s goodness and challenges, I have not forgotten Life on the Bike and my WordPress friends.

See you this coming weekend!

Join Me on a Little Local Ride

One of the challenges for any weekend is to somehow get all the chores on the “to do” list done, yet still find time to play.  By 3pm this past Sunday, I’d accomplished enough to be able to head out for a little local ride.  Luckily for me, local riding often means country roads, fields, lakes, and historic communities.

Dry Valley


Claytor Lake is a reservoir of The New River, created when a hydroelectric dam was built in 1939.  I stopped for a water break and the chance to watch the geese and ducks.  It was a perfect afternoon to ride, but the bright sun made for challenging photography.

_MG_5667_MG_5647 _MG_5662

Yes! That is a lighthouse! On the lake 🙂


Soon it was time to ride on down to the end of the road.


I’ve photographed this slowly decaying barn from many angles … it’s a beauty.


From there, I rode through the community of Newbern, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  I’ve ridden through the Newbern Historic District many, many times but somehow had missed these two structures.

The Old County Jail and site of the First Courthouse of Pulaski County

_MG_5692 _MG_5681 _MG_5682_MG_5686 _MG_5690 _MG_5691

The original reservoir for the Newbern Waterworks

_MG_5699_MG_5694 _MG_5697 _MG_5698

A little beauty, a little history, a little photography … all seen from the bike. Not a bad way to spend a few hours.