Sailing Along


What a blessing it is to be surrounded by family and friends; to have good health, a steady income, and lots of civic commitment; to live amidst and enjoy nature’s beauty.

As I sail along through life’s goodness and challenges, I have not forgotten Life on the Bike and my WordPress friends.

See you this coming weekend!

15 thoughts on “Sailing Along

    • Whoa for sure! and how cool that you were thinking of me, Lynn. I’m way behind on visiting blogs. Have you left on the trip with your daughter yet? (I’ll be over to visit your place soon!)

  1. We have an anthem down here called ‘Sailing Away’ born many years ago when NZ won the Americas Cup. Your photo and words remind me of it. You are blessed Laurie – and you deserve every single little blessing that comes your way! Much love my friend, xo

    • So I had to go look up that song and found a video with 50 people singing the song. What a great song! Thanks for the introduction to it.
      Love to you, belated birthday gal πŸ™‚

    • Hi Mary, it was a super weekend with a group of longtime women friends. That plus time in a kayak and a canoe? Perfect!
      I’ll be visiting your place this weekend, and hoping all is well

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