Sure Looks Like 60 is the New 40

A few weeks ago, we gathered to celebrate the 60th birthday of a friend. This group of women has been celebrating each other’s birthdays for many years, and as the years have gone by, we have turned an evening into a weekend.

A weekend of Incredible sunrises


Lots of time on the water – photo credit Liz Altieri since I’m the one in the cowboy hat


Yummy food and drink


Gifts and Games

img_5418-3 img_5422-2 img_5426-3

60 Candles and Lots of Sparklers

_mg_5629-2 _mg_5652-2 _mg_5630-2

A comfortable cabin with lovely views

_mg_5438-2 _mg_5655-2 20160911_071505-2

It was the perfect way to celebrate 60!


55 thoughts on “Sure Looks Like 60 is the New 40

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Laurie. The cabin’s view, the water, the beautiful sunsets and friends…so glad you were able to enjoy all of this over a weekend. It looks so relaxing!

  2. It’s a lovely tradition, Laurie, and one I hope you get to celebrate with your friends for many more years. You’ve weaved your usual magic with the camera. That first sun rise is magnificent and I really like the photo through the blinds to the lake in the backyard. Nice!

    • Joanne, I’m so glad you like the photo through the blinds. It really caught my eye, but I had no idea if others would get it. Thank you!

    • The cabin was a treasure. Plenty of room for cooking together and sharing food at a big ol table. and then it was just a few steps to get in the water. Perfect!
      Looking forward to seeing you next weekend!!

  3. The fact that you’ve changed an evening gathering into a weekend away speaks volumes for these friendships. Your circle of friends is both wide and deep. What fun!

    Your photos are stunning, Laurie, today and always. What a treat to stop by. I feel refreshed.

  4. The sparklers shot is the best, best, best. Was it hard to get the exposure, since sparkler light seems possibly less reliable than other light?

    And I LOVE you in that cowboy hat! It adds character to an already charismatic woman. What great fun on the water. Have you tried the stand up paddle? I did that once and I like it. It’s a full body workout too.

    • Hey Crystal! I have tried the stand up paddle board, in fact, in an effort to imitate the teens nearby, I did a cartwheel off if it. Not pretty, but i did it!
      Somehow, when using a high ISO, I was able to get that sparklers shot. Really lucky, really happy with it!

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