45 thoughts on “It’s What I’ve Been Up To

  1. I’ve started to hear the sounds of motorcycles around here, which is always a welcome sound in the spring. Enjoy your first ride of the season, Laurie, it’s always the best!

    • You are so right and I cannot wait! My boots should be ready next week, the bike has been on a battery tender during the past two months, and I am so excited!

  2. You know I’m writing from Spain…. sorry, … I don’t quite understsnd where you are asking votes to be a delegate, perhaps you think I’m silly, bur explain it to me…..thanks and anyway you have my vote!!!!!!!

    • I cannot wait for that first ride, Pauline!
      I also have to say that I love coming to my blog (or Alys’ blog) and seeing the countdown to DC.
      24 days!!
      How are you feeling? Stitches out? Bruises gone?

      • Surges of excitement! I am almost attaining lift off with no help from an aeroplane! Today I hauled the suitcase out of storage to start thinking about what I can and can’t fit in! Too soon? [Plus, if there’s time, I thought I’d paint some flowers on the sides.]

        Stitches came out yesterday. Bruising is fading and I think the scar is settling down nicely too. I’ll be almost as good as a new one any day now xoxo

  3. DH saw a bike out today @ 42F! Now it’s 57F but there’s so much winter sand/salt on our roads I don’t want my chrome to be at risk (to say nothing of my ‘bod’!!!!!!)! Looking forward to your weekend report!!!! Congrats, Delegate (to be)!!!!

    • Doreen, thank you for your Delegate comment 🙂
      My boots won’t be ready until next Monday and that’s okay because I’m out of town this weekend.
      Next week though?
      Fingers crossed!!

      • Actually saw a couple bikes go past our place yesterday afternoon! I would have a bit of an issue with our gravel/mud driveway that leads to the paved county road past our place!!!!!! ;-(

  4. How amazingly cool to see your name in a banner. Go, Laurie! Thanks for going above and beyond, serving women, running for office and still finding time to share with us. Its great watching the countdown numbers fall. Just a few more weeks!

    • Hello! As you already know from my recent Blogger post, i’ve done alot of traveling since this post, and i am way behind on replies, posts, and visits. My goal over these next few days is to try to catch up and visit! Hope to see you at your place soon 🙂

    • Hi Jo, since this post, I’ve travelled to Florida, Greensboro, and DC. The purpose of the last trip was to meet up with 7 other bloggers and bring 3 of them back home for 3 days. Absolutely incredible!!

    • Patti, I love that i am replying to you knowing that iu’ve already met you!! I’ve travelled so much since this post that i’m unfortunately way behind. My goal over the next few days is to catch up on blog posts, visits, Nd thank you notes.
      For now, thanks so much for your support! I am incredibly grateful for that and for your friendship via blogging.
      Lunch was incredible!

      • It’s been the same for me. My schedule has been non-stop since our lunch. I’ve got to get back to blogging…I miss reading all the updates!

  5. Go LB Go. Hey?! The cobbler still has your boots? Wow, they are really getting the spa treatment. Hey?! I just glittered the toe part of my Converse sneakers……what say? LOL.

    • For some reason, I am behind on replies! Let’s see … could it be because i’ve been distracted by amazing Blogging Friends?? Thanks so much for your support of my campaign!! XOXO

  6. I’m voting for Laurie! Where do I sign up?

    I agree that the green is what is needed there. I get tired of the same old colors on campaign ads, and this one looks great. As Bruce said, it’s the candidate that stands out though. 😉

    • Crystal, thank you for your ever present support! I’m a bit behind on blogging / replies / visits but plan to remedy that over the next few days. Can’t wait to catch up on you!

      • I don’t know about the other bloggers, but you picked a fine time to miss mine because I posted nearly every day for a week, and I never post that often, ha ha! You’ll have a lot to look at. I totally get what you’re saying about catching up though, because now I’m doing that too! 🙂

    • Emilio, i’ve been absent from blogging / replying / visiting because of many travels and much fun (in addition to work and the campaign). Check out my latest post regarding blogger meet ups. So fun!
      Anyway, I’m still here and I’ll not forget the little people 🙂

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