It’s 7pm … Now We Wait

It’s 7pm.  The polls have just closed, and the waiting has begun.

I wanted to let you know, right now, before the winner is announced, what an incredible opportunity running for Delegate has been.  I’ve met and worked alongside passionate, motivated people, and been encouraged by thousands of citizens throughout the 12th, and around the WP world.  I am truly humbled by the support of friends, both new and old.  This is an experience I’ll not soon forget.

And while I worked hard and feel confident that I’ll be working from Richmond in January, I want to assure you that even if I am not, I will continue to stand for healthcare, for women, for education, and equality.  The fight will not end, and I hope you’ll be there standing with me.

Thanks for everything. Now we wait!

15 thoughts on “It’s 7pm … Now We Wait

  1. Laurie, I was thinking about you tonight after I voted! I figured I’d find out from the Post’s coverage of all districts! But now I can google the 12th! I hope the person I voted for will be a colleague of yours soon!

  2. While I’m in Texas, and obviously unable to cast a ballot for you, I applaud you for your commitment and willingness to do the right things. Being a “public servant” is one of those so called thankless positions in life, that most people only bitch about. In reality, it is the most important, and the most satisfying, as you are actually having an affect on making things better for the rest of us. Thank you for your courage and willingness to be there for your constituents. I hope you are victorious in your quest!

  3. Congratulations on a good campaign. You’re in a red district so the numbers for an insurgent against an incumbent looked good to me. So, deep breath and look forward. Not sure what those 23 write-in votes were, though!! (I checked the Virginia elections site this morning)

  4. I have not been online much of late, but I have sent prayers your way. I believe wholly in the heart that wants to do good in the world. I think you have such a heart. No matter what happens, I know you will find a way to express that heart. I send you much good fortune and many blessings. Do post when you know the final results.

  5. I saw the results, too–I’m so sorry it didn’t turn out the way we all wished it would. I hope you can be excited, though, about getting your time back–get on that bike and ride with the wind!

  6. Sadly, it seems God’s plan (or whoever your guiding force is) was not to have you get the seat, Laurie. But I know you’ll take your passion and drive and continue to do good for your community in all the ways that make you special. So hit the road with your beloved bike for much-needed R&R, and know we all love and admire you for the effort you put forth in something you believed so passionately about. You’re #1 in my book! ❤️

  7. I was thinking of you all day…. I knew this was it. Would have voted for you if I could. If Stacy is correct…. you didn’t get the seat. Still, I have no doubt you learned a lot from the experience. Hugs to you and I’m looking forward to your next adventure!

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