Little House in Shiloh

I’ve driven by these old cabins many times


and I’ve stopped to take photos before


but this time, the character of these old structures spoke to me.


and against the backdrop of snow, I couldn’t help but think of days gone by.



52 thoughts on “Little House in Shiloh

  1. I could see a little family in that valley, with the trees all green and smoke billowing out of the chimney while the mom made lunches for the work day. I might be the type of person who builds a house on TOP of a hill to avoid troubles in heavy rain. Love the B&W, so many stories in those photo’s. I especially love the old building with faded red paint. Glad you stopped and even happier you shared, thanks LB.

    • Boomdeeadda’s comment about building a house on the top of a hill, reminded me of how my father used to say that you never should build a house on the top of a hill because it would be too hard to heat it in the winter. 🙂

      • LOL, I’ve never heard that Sheryl. I’m sure that must be true but I don’t know why. Is it windier up on a hill and more sheltered in a valley? Usually the damp cold are settles in a valley and warm air rises..NO?

      • You are exactly right, Boomdee. Without the shelter of trees or hills, the winds blow wildly atop the hill. On the other hand, the shelter of the valley hides the stunning views that the top of the hill provides.
        I do love your description of the smoke from the chimney, the hard work, the lunches … it was a hard life but a reassuring and satisfying one.

  2. They look straight out of a fairy tale – I expect to see a woodcutter exiting one of those tiny houses with his axe resting on his shoulder and his little children waving him goodbye……. You captured a mood beautifully!

  3. So restful. We just had a wicked thunderstorm come through with a little tornado watch on the side… This makes me feel so relaxed. Just what I needed. Love the barn and that wavy roof line on the little cabin too!

    • I heard that tornados were passing through your part of the world! All okay?
      I’m glad these photos brought you peace. I too, loved that roof line, and glad you noticed it!

      • 😀
        We were fine, although in retrospect we might have been warmer and safer in our house! That thunderstorm was a hair-raiser!!! We got so wet and then the shelter was like being in a cave. BRrrrrrrr! After 2011, when they say seek shelter we do; it was better to be there if the tornado had materialized! Yes?

  4. Great captures Laurie the cabins would have spoke to me also 😀 You would just love a place we have up here called Old Bethpage Village. Have a great day.

  5. I love photos like these…always makes me wonder who lived there, what happened for them to be left in disrepair! The stories they could tell…love the splash of red on the barn and the fence in the last shot is awesome!

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