Jennette’s Pier

I’m out on my morning power walk here on the Outer Banks of NC. What an amazing week: time with friends, delicious food, and gorgeous weather (and the power of Mother Nature during two wicked and wild storms, one while riding the motorcycle  – details later).

I’ll share more photos and stories when I get home, but for now am posting this cell phone / straight out of the camera image from inside Jennette’s Pier. First built in 1936, and rebuilt many times after being destroyed by hurricanes and nor’ easters, the pier is a stunning structure, loaded with history, and with educational displays focused on the ocean and all it’s creatures.

Can’t wait to tell you more about it! Hope you all are well, and I’ll look forward to visiting you soon.

** Please visit this link to learn more (and see much better images) of Jennette’s Pier **

10 thoughts on “Jennette’s Pier

  1. Power walk? Morning? You really are like the Energiser Bunny [do you have him there?]
    The reason this comment comes your way is because I was looking at the photo and thinking how lovely the sea looks and if it was me I’d be sitting outside at the table or leaning on the balustrade dreaming ……………. and there you are marching off down the beach scaring the seagulls! 🙂 xoxo

  2. A wild and wicked storm while on the bike? That would be an adrenaline rush! I don’t particularly like being in a car during a storm!!!
    Looking forward to more stories … Especially the storm 🙂

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