Morning on the River

Just a couple hours on the water.

That’s all it takes to make me breath deeply and smile big.  It’s similar to how I feel on the bike.

Karen encouraged me to set aside the chores for the morning and get out on the river.

We are so fortunate to live on the New River, and can be on the water within 20 minutes of leaving our homes.  The New River is 360 mi (515 km) long and flows through the states of North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The part that runs through my little city has just a few Class 1 rapids, but it is often as smooth as glass, offering stunning reflections.

We saw lots of Great Blue Herons, and the fish were jumping right up out of the water.

The roots of this tree reveal evidence of the rise and fall of the water.

When floating this part of the river, you pass under 3 bridges.  The modern day train trestle, the remains of the historic bridge, and in the distance, the new Memorial Bridge.

I’ve posted images of this trestle in the past.  You may remember it.

Despite the risk, it’s hard not to pull out the camera when floating the river.  I keep the camera in a Scuba bag so as to protect it in case the kayak tips over, but even still, I’m always taking a chance when pulling it out of the water safe bag.

It was a perfect morning, and I feel such gratitude for natural wonders and dear friends.

As you read this scheduled post I am enjoying the annual Girls of August (GOA) get together.  You may remembering me telling you about the women that I attended graduate school with over 20 yrs ago.  The Girls Of August have been spending the first week of August together for over 20 years, and it is one of the highlights of the year for all of us.

See you when I get back!

14 thoughts on “Morning on the River

  1. Some lovely photos, Laurie. I know exactly what you mean about getting on the water. It’s so lovely with the sights and sounds and scents and a little bit of exertion. Enjoy the Girls of August outing. I hope it wasn’t to the Outer Banks….

  2. It’s great to have friends that can you drag you away from the mundane into the sublime. Your photos are gorgeous. The one with all the greens is almost hypnotic. Cheers to that lovely day with a good friend, and to all the good times ahead this week. xo

  3. Thanks for taking the risk and putting the camera in danger…love the photos you shared. Reminds me it’s time to spend some time on the water. Enjoy your GOA – traditions are fantastic!

  4. What a beautiful area! Thanks for risking the camera for these shots – I have a small olympus compact for such occasions – they can go underwater without a housing. 🙂

    Enjoy the get together.

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