Jennette’s Pier

Originally built in 1939, and rebuilt several times after being battered by various hurricanes and nor’easters, Jennette’s Pier is a popular destination for visitors to Nags Head, NC.  Known for it’s excellent fishing, locals are also drawn to the pier.


The current structure opened to the public in 2011 after a $25 million dollar restoration.


Expanded to 1000ft, the pier is now hurricane-resistant with solid concrete pilings that will stay put regardless of the wind speed. In addition to offering world class fishing, the pier is an outpost of the North Carolina Aquariums network, and includes science exhibits, educational programs, and offers visitors the opportunity to learn about renewable energy.


In addition, the pier is also LEED Certified, which is the most widely used green building rating system in the world.


The views from the pier were stunning, and as you might imagine, it was hard to put the camera down.


We strolled the length of the pier and enjoyed watching the men and women who were fishing.

_MG_4894-2 _MG_4885-2

Evidently folks get out there pretty early, requiring some to take a late morning nap.


We were so excited to see this sea turtle, dinner clasped in his (her?) jaws.

_MG_4875-2 _MG_4876-2 _MG_4879-2

We thoroughly enjoyed our time on Jennette’s Pier.  Be sure to check it out if you’ll be visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina.


Please visit my previous post for stormy weather images from the Outer Banks.

23 thoughts on “Jennette’s Pier

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  2. I would love to have that last photo framed on my wall. Breathtaking beauty. You are such a talent.

    I love the three turtle pics. What a find.

    It’s good to know that they’ve reinforced the pier once and for all so that it can withstand what will inevitably come that way. Now about that name….Nag’s Head. We need a renaming contest. [snort]

    • Oh dear Alys, your final suggestion opened my lowest humour level…….. and immediately an alternative name that sprang to my mind is the proper name for a ‘nag’ [Horse] and the other end of the body, opposite the head [er … Ass] Possibly an even worse name! 😀 When I lived in the UK we used to go to a pub at a place called ‘Ducks Bottom’ which always made me snicker 🙂

  3. Laurie how wonderful to see a sea turtle and her dinner!! You have captured the life on and around the pier perfectly. Love the fishermen resting pic – it look’s like they come prepared to camp out for a week if necessary. That’s my kind of sport 🙂 Now I’m wondering who Jennette was/is. Any ideas?

  4. Whenever I read something like “the pier is hurricane resistant”, I can’t help but pray they have not deluded themselves. Or us! Still, some great shots!

  5. I can’t resist these piers out into the water, wherever I find them! I haven’t been to the Outer Banks lately but the improvements to this pier are pretty interesting and your photos capture the scene so well! And along the lines of the discussion in other comments about place names, I’ve always wondered about Kill Devil Hills. Once when we were there, we asked a young woman about the name and she just looked at us blankly, as if it had never occurred to her to wonder . . .

  6. Wow, who knew you could get so much from a walk on a pier. Obviously, this ones pretty special. 25 million! Let’s hope it stays put thru thick and thin. Wow, I love your views of the surf, all that power rolling in. There must be some way to harvest that, you’d think. The building Jim works in is Leeds certified. He hates Mondays, as it’s 32C in there. The A/C is off all weekend and it’s Tuesday afternoon before you can work in comfort. “First world problems” I say when he fusses, LOL xo K

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