The Back Story

When I pulled into the parking lot, the early morning sun was shining on a simple little bush outside of my office.  Frankly, I’d never really paid attention to this bush, but today it was decorated with frost and it was beautiful.


I grabbed the camera, jumped out of the truck and crouched down to take the shot.


I was excited because I’ve felt a distinct lack of time with my camera lately,


and I’ve missed the creative flow that comes when the camera is in my hand.


So, did I take a few easy shots and walk into my office with contentment?  Nope.

No sooner had I gotten into position than a patient pulled up and took the one parking place that got in the way of my shot.  Seriously … every other space was empty!


Cracked. Me. Up.


Welcome to 2015 everryone!

May we all learn to be flexible, to look at things from a different angle and perspective, and to find humor often.

Thanks to all of you who visit, who like or comment on my posts, and who share their lives with me.  I’m so very grateful for all of you! May we all have so much goodness in our lives that we have plenty to share with those around us.

57 thoughts on “The Back Story

  1. Ha! That little story fits my word ‘Breathe’ exactly. That moment when all your best laid plans are blown away by someone with no clue what they have just done – just breathe into it – and
    r-e-l-e-a-s-e. 🙂 And bless! Love your final thought! Let this be the year of flowing goodness…… the world is full of it, lets celebrate that instead of the other …. er ……. rubbish 🙂

    That is a lot of frost on your little plant – it looks very cold!

    Happy, Happy New Year Laurie – may all your out flowing goodness come back to you a thousand-fold xoxo

    • It was pretty funny (after I sat there, or crouched there thinking “really? you picked this spot over ALL of the others?” HA!
      Glad you smiled, too!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have always said that “it’s the little things in life that matter the most”, and you have proven that theory on how a frosty covering on a bush can make you happy! May you have many more “frosty” (well, not all frosty) moments to make you smile in the new year! Hugs!

    • Thank you so much for those lovely wishes!
      There’s just something about frost that grabs my attention and brings out my camera.
      Happiness in this new year to you!

      • I also love to see the water drops on plant leaves too. I took this one cool photo of my tomato plant leaves with a rain drop on the underside of the leaf, but when I blew it up to look at the photo, you can see my yellow flowers and our neighbors garage in the rain drop!

        Much happiness to you too in the New Year!

  3. Happy New Year Laurie 🙂 I love these images because (I bet you know why) you notice things most people don’t. You are going to laugh when I say this but I think all people into photography should sit back and smoke a fattie (funny tobacco) then go out shooting. It would slow them down from their frantic pace to notice the beauty all around the everyday 🙂

  4. LOVE this post. Your eye was right on, the frost adds so much to these images. I love the winter colors too. And, then the moment gone, it is so true. You sure made the best of it though.
    Happy New Year, looking forward to seeing this new year through your lens!

    • Thank you, Carrie. That unexpected obstacle challenged me to find a different way to get the shot, but i sure had to try as that frost was so beautiful.
      Happiness in the new year to you, too!

    • Catherine, how lovely to hear from you and I’m so glad you liked this post.
      Happiness and health to you, and I’ll look forward to seeing more of your work in the new year.

    • Thank you, Marcelo! I’ll do my best to keep looking for the little things and I’ll look forward to seeing more of your work in the new year, too. Best wishes to you!

  5. And a Wonderful, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you, LB. I look forward to your excellent blog in 2015. Ride safe!

    • Thanks Jim! I sure am hoping that a warm day comes along soon, even if just for a short ride.
      Fingers crossed!!
      and oh! I ordered Marina’s book today. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Thank you, Lynn. It does look like sugar. The car blocked some of the light but I still managed to capture tiny little spots of it. It was so pretty out there (and then so funny).

  6. Photos 1 and 4 are my faves here. In all of them, the combination of colour from the reddish brown and dark green all under frost is very appealing. I wonder if, on a subconscious and atomic level, the humans who entered the parking lot were drawn into your space, into your attention. Maybe we are all inexplicably pulled toward each other, and on this occasion you got to see the phenomena in action.

    • What a neat perspective! I like your idea and perhaps you are right. I surely did not feel angry, but rather found myself chuckling (after the requisite under my breath “really?”).

  7. I love these – even the one with the car that could have parked anywhere else. They make me think of miniature abstract landscapes, other worldly places whispering secrets. The vehicle is hazy, vibrating, as though in the act of teleporting to that spot, the trees beyond it radiating a kind of surrender. Every one of them is beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

    • Mary, I am so glad you liked these. I thought they were so different and so pretty, but I wasn’t really sure that others would see what I was seeing. Your description and comment make me happy.
      Thank YOU!

  8. This had me laughing….so funny…and of course they would park in that spot. its pure magic when suddenly the light catches on something we have passed a million times before…beautiful images. Made me think of a frosty Scottish heather clad moor!!

    • You should have seen me crouching there … really? That one space? ha!
      The frost really did make this ordinary bush so beautiful. Glad you liked the image.
      I’d sure love to see a frosty heather clad moor. I can only imagine!

  9. So great to finally get back and catch up with your lovely blog, LB. I’ve been a terrible slacker! The frosty pics are masterful and I had to giggle about the car. So pleased these things don’t just happen to me. Your attitude to it is brilliant, LB, and I will endeavour to take that attitude with me into the New Year. All the very best to you, your friends, your bike, your camera and your team in 2015. xoxoxox

  10. Ha ha. Happens to me all the time. I just get the shot lined up and know what I want with it and someone walks into the frame… or a car comes along….or any number of other scenarios. Got to love photography some days.
    Have a wonderful 2015 Laurie.

    • It was a funny thing, Suz, and so glad you get what I’m talking about 🙂 what’s funnier is that as the shot was being obstructed, I thought “great blog post!” 🙂

  11. Omgosh, yep that would have cracked me up too. It’s like always being in the slowest lineup at the market, which always seem to happen to me. Your office must get a real kick out of watching you whip out that camera of yours like a lightsaber. Here’s to 2015 and all the excitement and successes it will bring! xo K

    • Too funny about the office, specifically the waiting room as we have huge windows overlooking the parking lot and mountain view … I often look up to see people watching me and I’m sure they are wondering what it is that I am seeing!
      I have to confess to missing time with my camera. It would be the equivalent of you not getting into the Boom Room. A part of me is suffering … BUT I’ll find time!!

  12. wishing you much happiness and the time to spend with your camera! I understand your feelings…I’ve not had time with my camera lately and I feel as though I’m missing something…lets decide to take the time!!! 🙂

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