The Back Story

When I pulled into the parking lot, the early morning sun was shining on a simple little bush outside of my office.  Frankly, I’d never really paid attention to this bush, but today it was decorated with frost and it was beautiful.


I grabbed the camera, jumped out of the truck and crouched down to take the shot.


I was excited because I’ve felt a distinct lack of time with my camera lately,


and I’ve missed the creative flow that comes when the camera is in my hand.


So, did I take a few easy shots and walk into my office with contentment?  Nope.

No sooner had I gotten into position than a patient pulled up and took the one parking place that got in the way of my shot.  Seriously … every other space was empty!


Cracked. Me. Up.


Welcome to 2015 everryone!

May we all learn to be flexible, to look at things from a different angle and perspective, and to find humor often.

Thanks to all of you who visit, who like or comment on my posts, and who share their lives with me.  I’m so very grateful for all of you! May we all have so much goodness in our lives that we have plenty to share with those around us.