Steam Heat

Don’t you just love seeing an old steam engine? They bring to mind history, and romance, and days gone by. Please visit Monochromia if you haven’t yet. You’ll see the work of a collaborative group of photographers, amateurs, and photo nuts from all parts of the world.  This is my contribution for the week.



“Yeah …. I’ve got  ::cling cling::  fsssss steam heat”

How many of you hummed that song as you read those words?  Or, sadly, how many of you have never heard of that 1954 song from The Pajama Game soundtrack?

For more images of the annual visit to my city by these historic steam engines, please check out the following links:

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22 thoughts on “Steam Heat

    • Thank you, Susan. To be honest, there is one that I like better but I’m still learning the ins and outs of Lightroom and had some trouble removing / adding watermarks. sigh …
      But there is just something about a train, and especially a steam engine!

    • These engines are just made for B&W, aren’t they? I’m already looking forward to next year’s Train Day. The tickets for the ride sold out in hours … folks just love trains, especially when pulled by a teamd engine

  1. Magnificent photo, Laurie! That train looks like it’s about to rumble out of the frame.

    Steam heat. The tune did pop into my head as soon as I read the blog title. It was immediately followed by the though — what’s that song from? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the photo and I too am trying to master Lightroom for other work that I am doing. It’s one of my goals in 2015 to master or at least not get so lost in Lightroom.

    • Thank you, Alys. I’m trying to get all caught up (aren’t we all?). It’s funny how we can keep up with the posting and visiting … until the holidays … and then at least I got very behind!

      • The holidays demand so much more of our time. I try scaling back every year, but invariably things come up. It does take time to catch up here, but I’m always glad when I do.

  3. Wonderful shot Laurie 😀 In Romania, there’s only one steam train left, somewhere in the northern part and it;s still running, it has a beautiful route through the mountains. Most of Romania’s best photographers have photographed it’s majestic beauty. I hope to get there one day as well!

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