Kindness in the WordPress World

The great wide world of WordPress is filled with talented, creative people.


Some put words to paper that inspire me, make me think, and bring a tear to the eye.  Others fill my screen with photographic images that are so visionary and incredible that I exclaim out loud.  History and humor are found here, too, as are recipes, travel tips, gardening ideas, and of course, motorcycles!


And then there are the crafty ones.


The ones who spend hours using their creative spirits and their hands to make items that have the rest of us wondering how they do it.  The quilters, painters, scrapbookers, knitters, crocheters, candymakers, and artists of every sort.


Since beginning my blogging journey with WP, I’ve been blessed to be the recipient of valuable friendships, and gifts of photography, handmade cards, folded books, t-shirts, and most recently a chrocheted bunting, which arrived all the way from Australia!  Incredible! How on earth did Dani from Teddy and Tottie find the time to make so many festive buntings and then to mail them to friends all over the world?


 How did she know that, because of family, work, and civic commitments, I have not yet put even one Christmas decoration out?  How did she know that her gift of time and kindness would be so welcome in my home.


Thank you, Dani.  You are, in addition to being talented, a kind and generous woman.


These gifts, and the people who make them, inspire me to up my game!  I frequently read blog updates where one blogger is sending gifts to another.  Their planning and organization is impressive; the generosity incredible. You all know who you are.

You inspire me.

47 thoughts on “Kindness in the WordPress World

    • She did! She was thinking of it back at the end of October! I might have been able to come up with the idea … but not in time for Christmas. Impressive!

  1. I am in complete agreement Laurie. Since I started on WP my life has been enriched by friends like yourself and I could not imagine life without it now. Now lets have three cheers for Ms. Dani, hip hip …

  2. Love that cheerful spot of color!!! I, too, have been lax in getting any type of seasonal home dec in place…..maybe this afternoon. Your post says it all and I know that my life has been totally enriched by my bloggy friendships acquired in the past couple of years. Many blessings of the season and hugs comin’ at ya………………………..

  3. !! Too sweet !! Just getting to know Dani has been truly a gift it self. As a recipient of one of her crafty buntings of my own, I’m in awe of her talents and breath of generosity. I don’t know how she manages so much nor you either Laurie. You’re all an daily inspiration to do more, be more and give more. Christmas is surely looking warm and joyful for us at WordPress xoxox k

  4. Oh, Laurie, you post brought a tear to my eye. Due to all my cats, I am not able to decorate. And for those incredible people who are sending out gifts I take my hats off to, really! I don’t know how they find the time, and for that, I am really impressed. Thank you for making my day brighter, Laurie. Love, Amy

    • So glad this brought a smile to your face, Amy. I too am impressed with the thinking ahead! I might come up with the idea … but not far enough ahead of time to get it on it’s way to Australia!

  5. Dani’s bunting continues to send joy around the world. Boomdee bought one for my sister in her favorite purple colors, so that one went from Australia to Canada to the US.

    Laurie, thanks for this uplifting and heartfelt post and for all the beautiful things you do to make the world a better place, here at WP and beyond. Can’t wait for spring travels.

    • Alys, you are one of those women that I want to emulate! You are always thinking of others.
      I like to think I’m an organized woman … but nothing like you! You plan so far ahead and make sure that things arrive on time. I’m so impressed!! and so glad to a have “met” you!!

  6. They say the internet is making us less social or that our social connections are shallow or not meaningful as face to face. I beg to differ. I have made so many friends and met such creative and talented people on here. Far more than I believe I was bumping into at the grocery store.

  7. How beautiful and thoughtful; the essence of Dani, isn’t it? Her pattern for those gorgeous Bavarian afghans is certainly enriching my life at present and soon will enrich the lives of my grandkids and a couple of others, too. And I agree, I’ve made more friends on WP and BlogSpot than I’ve had face-to-face. I think blogging is an Introvert’s paradise; we connect when we have the energy and if we need to take a break, our friends and everything they’ve been doing, thinking and saying are there for us to enjoy as soon as we’re back again. I don’t know what I love this, what I call the ‘Virtual Village’ . . . ~ Linne

    • You;ve said it perfectly, Linne. It’s an incredible gift. And yes … we step away as needed but friends in the virtual village await our return. Lovely!

    • I truly do not know how she found time to make these buntings for friends across the world. So generous, so talented. I feel blessed!
      and I’m glad we share a virtual friendship, too, Laurie

  8. The blogging world has been a Godsend for me. I have been enriched immensely by the kindness and encouragement of everyone that reads my little blog. I must say, I have not been quite so on top of things this year as Dani and many others but have been quietly inspired to do better and be better. The bunting is so festive it would be hard to take down after the holiday. So now I must get back to my own project that is way overdue. Life seems to have it’s own time schedule.

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