Life on the Bike: A New Journey

Some of you may remember a post from November called Gifts, where I hinted that a major life decision had been made (it’s a post I’m particularly proud of, so please check it out if you have time).  I’m finally able to reveal what that big decision is, and it will explain while I’ve not been as active on WP this week.

Laurie-1B copy 2

Yes! I’m running for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates, District 12!

I’ve contemplated running for years, from back in my days serving on Radford City Council, and I am excited about this new endeavor.  The election is not until November so this will be a year long journey.  I plan to travel to events on my bike when able and to photo-document the journey as well.


Many of you already know Joe from three different blogs on WordPress – The Visual Chronicle, X-Tended Vision, and Monochromia.  Joe has adapted a few of his photos, and one of mine so far, to use on my campaign website and FB page.  Aren’t they fun?

Campaign balloon Campaign Van Campaign Pedestrian

I’m hoping that Joe will be able to find time to add this logo to more of my photos from around District 12 as the campaign progresses.  How lucky am I to have Joe on my team?

It’s going to be a wild ride and I’m looking forward to it!  Motorcycle rides and photography will remain the dominant focus of my blog.  Yet truly, this journey is more of Life on the Bike and Other Fab Things.

If you’d like more information, visit me here:

Website: – the site just went live yesterday so it’s still a young site


73 thoughts on “Life on the Bike: A New Journey

  1. Thank you so much Laurie 🙂 If any of my little contributions help you I am “all in”. Of course my main wish is that this “ride of your life” gets you elected. I think your knowledge with city government combined with your down to earth thoughtfullness, gratitude and appreciation for things that matter to people make you the “best candidate”. I wish you the best of luck with your campaign 🙂

  2. Good for you Laurie 🙂
    Love the idea of the posters, and I think the cross-walk sign is brilliant, especially impacting is the passer-by looking up at it.

    Re the site, for me, I found the thin black paragraph text on the white background quite hard to read for my tired eyes. However, the titles, sub-titles and background colours work very well; professional and trustworthy.

  3. Oh my goodness, Laurie, this is so exciting! Good for you, and I am so proud and pleased. You would be absolutely excellent in this role and anyone with good sense should see it. I hope you get the chance to show them. Big hugs.

    The first two photos are my favourites! Love love love the old and faded wall banner, and the rusting image on the truck. Those two just filled me with delight. I love the idea and Joe’s talent is already serving you well.

    • Crystal, I wish you were in my district! Thanks for that wonderful endorsement!
      Isn’t that wall wonderful? That is the one of these photos that I took … it is of a little courtyard in my city that was created when a very old building burned. Removal of the debris revealed old building advertisements. When I asked Joe to add the logo, he went above and beyond and made all the rest, too!

  4. How exciting Laurie!! I admire your gumption to engage in this major life decision and follow through with your passion! Joe’s comment, “I think your knowledge with city government combined with your down to earth thoughtfulness, gratitude and appreciation for things that matter to people make you the “best candidate”, says it all. The YOU that I’ve come to know in this blog would get my vote to lead and defend any group of folks!

    • It’s 9:30pm and I’m just getting home after a long day of work and campaign stuff, and it is so lovely to read your comment, Lori. Thank you for those confidence boosting words!

  5. I also enjoyed reading all the comments in this post – so much enthusiasm and support! I think you turning up to meetings and such like on your bike will give added pizzazz to your run. I am so excited for you and also so scared – the commitment, the time and energy, the yuck side of political life will all be quite challenging! But you getting your personality out there with your message and your grit and your humanity and your generous spirit, could well be life changing for the constituents of District 12! However it turns out it, I am sure will be life changing for you!

    I would so love to be there to support you in person – I could keep the house clean, run messages, pour your wine, wipe your brow and polish your bike 🙂 See you soon xoxo

    • Your fear has been echoed by several friends, Pauline. It will take a ton of time and I’ll surely be a target for negativity and criticism. The yuck side, as you say, is intimidating!
      Thank you so much for supportive and kind words! I’ll come back to this series of comments when I need a boost 🙂

  6. This is so exciting! Not at all what I had expected, which makes it even more fun. I hope you will continue blogging and sharing your new adventures as a candidate. And of course I will be cheering you on and looking forward to your triumphant win.

  7. What a wonderful endeavor for you, Laurie. I wish you much success in your campaign and I can’t wait to see all of your posts in the coming months. (I’d vote for you if I could.)

  8. I am over-the-moon ecstatic to read your incredible news, Laurie! Following your journey from newbie photographer (not newbie anymore!) to newbie politician is so awe-inspiring. I can only echo what everyone else here has already said – District 12 would be lucky to have you at the helm! I wish for you nothing but the best of luck, loads of energy, a thick skin (don’t anybody ‘dis our Laurie!), and a triumph come November. If I lived there, you’d have my vote NOW. Sending tons of hugs!

  9. LB, I am super excited for you and you know you have my suppot, though i’m in PA. At some point i’m give you a shout out. Good luck!

  10. I remember that post. I’ve been waiting ever since to learn what your big plan is. Wow! I hadn’t expected this and am so excited for you. I’m looking forward to the ride!

  11. Gosh, LB, when I saw your name on what looked like a billboard I thought your big news was that you had become a movie star or were going to be on Broadway! But, even better, you are going to bring kindness, compassion and common sense to politics. Hooraaah! All the very best with your campaign. I wish I could vote for you! Perhaps you could put Boomdee and Alys to work on the campaign trail when they come to visit! He! He! You’re an inspiration, Laurie. xoxoxox

  12. To bad all of your followers here aren’t in your district to vote. You’d win hands down. Political life can be very taxing. But the experience of it will give you food for a lifetime of thought. I wish you all the best in this endeavor.

    • It would be wonderful to have all my blogger friends be able to vote! Even though they can’t, I’m grateful for all of the positive comments and well wishes. Thank you!

  13. Man, O man! Those photo’s are too awesome! Great job Joe. I love the street light, that’s really really clever. I knew from the moment we connected LB that you’re one hell of a woman. If everything we do in life prepares us for a task ahead, then you’ve been on the right path. I think politics is such a game. It’s a wonder why smart, compassionate, educated people would want to risk all the craziness. But without people like you, wanting to effect and change things in a positive way, the whole deal would be left up to the seemingly endless knuckleheads who’ve bought their way in there. Your community will recognize what a dedicated and smart woman they’d have in you. Go team Laurie Buchwald!! xo K

    • Thank you so much for this ringing endorsement! Politics IS such a game and an ugly one at that. People keep asking me why I would want to put myself through the negativity … but then again, we just have to get good, honest, hard working people to serve, and to change the balance from negative to positive.
      I’m so incredibly glad to have you on Team Buchwald! Love you!

  14. Another WOW here Laurie and so excited for you! And what fab shots from Joe! So excited for you and looking forward to hearing all about your adventures down the road. It has always been a dream of mine to ride in the back of a campaign bus and see the process develop but I take my hat off to you big time for being the delegate behind the driving wheel!

    • I’m glad to have you along for the ride!
      and yes, Joe has been great, and i’m hoping he’ll do the same for some of my own shots from around my district.

  15. Yay you!! And I wish you all the luck in the world on this endeavor, Laurie. What a fantastic job Joe has done with your images…sure to capture lots of good attention! I will be following along.

  16. I’m still so incredibly excited for you. Great post, Laurie. These photo alterations are masterful and fun, the perfect blend of blogger, photographer, candidate and all around interesting person.

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  18. I realize this is an old post, but I’m seeing it for the first time. It’s a bit late, but congratulations on making such a huge decision. I love the photo modifications Joe make – especially the traffic signal 🙂
    I’ll be one of those people following your progress with interest!

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