This image was my most recent contribution to Monochromia, taken at Shelton Vineyards in North Carolina.  A new image will come out early tomorrow morning.


Have you visited Monochromia yet?  If you love B&W Photography, you really should visit this collaborative blog, chock full of wonderfully different images from a talented group of photographers.

17 thoughts on “Monochrome

  1. Laurie – you have been putting out some great stuff, but I think you are even getting better at your photography. A little bolder/broader all the time, to this untrained eye.Nice!

      • You are so welcome, Laurie. Please don’t mind me! I just got the news I need a color calibration thingie which I am about to order from amazon. ARGH! WHY does technology be so complicated now? Anyways … I’m putting my new laptop aside for now …. I’m now done with stress today. 🙂

      • I was distressed to read your first message and only a bit relieved to read this one. At least you have found the problem. But how is it that something (photography) that gives such great joyalso brings such frustration?
        I’m hoping that putting that laptop away and stepping away from the frustration eased your stress, Amy. Thinking of you!

      • Laurie, I am not comfortable with new. I like routine with my photography. It has been one thing after another with getting this new laptop (the optical drive aka DVD is not working right so we ordered a new one no charge), and that is just one thing. Yes, it really has been stressful. Learning a new OS. Getting this laptop all setup. Now the final stage is getting the coloring the way I need it to be for my photographs. I almost have it, but with the device I bought yesterday this will make the colors right on. I AM OK TODAY, Laurie, really. Yesterday I just broke. I have so many plans for new for this coming year. Perhaps this one was the toughest one. I hope. Thank you for your concern!!! Love, Amy

    • Oh it’s so good to hear from you! I’ve missed your lovely blog and have hoped you’ve not posted lately because you’ve been on an amazing trip somewhere. Hope all is well for you, too!

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