Fall Back to Summer

I love that the colors of summer still shine brightly against the beauty of the changing leaves. 


As Alys counts down to Halloween, I count down to this weekend’s ride!

Three Days!!

23 thoughts on “Fall Back to Summer

    • The main road through the park is open, so I’ll ride that. I worry it will be one long line of cars, but I’ll be prepared for that and see what happens …

  1. Surprisingly, my hanging box is still blooming along, it does stand out on the block now since most things have bid adieu. I like how you focused on the foreground and blurred the background in your photo. I need to practice this more. How do you decide what to pack? Here it can be freezing in the morning and really warm in the afternoon…it’s hard to know what to wear.

    • You hit on the challenge. It’ll be high 40s /low 50s in the morning, so I’ll be all geared up. By early afternoon, It’ll be jeans and a sweatshirt. Thankfully, I’m only out for 4 days so there’s plenty of room!

Because Boomdee dared me: Lay a little sugar on me :-)

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