Welcome to the Weekend


Friday afternoon.  What a lovely site to see at the end of the work week.

Saturday’s Arbor Day Tree Planting was a success and the rain didn’t stop me from going to door to door.


And now, it’s Blog to Blog via WP!

18 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend

  1. Lookit you- a little ray of sunshine on a dreary day! Do hope you are feeling positive about your door knocking reception and future voters are piling up….. We want you to win the seat!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Pauline, it sure is a lot of fun to knock doors, and I love meeting people. It’s a challenge though, for sure! Thanks so much for your support and positivity!

  2. Go, Laurie! What a message–through rain or shine. That should bring on voter confidence.
    And just as an aside, about ten years ago, I planted about a dozen trees I had gotten in order to celebrate Arbor Day and was hugely disappointed when I discovered at springtime that none of them had leafed out. The nursery sent someone out to replace the trees and kindly revealed to me that I had planted them all upside down.
    Ugh. What an idiot.
    Here’s to a little tree hugging. Cheers, Laurie!

    • Oh Shelley, I am sorry but I had to chuckle over your story. I’m glad that the nursery personnel were so kind in telling you of your mistake.
      Hugs to trees and hugs to you!!!

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