Life is full of them.

Work. Volunteer. Chores. Play.


And then there is WordPress.  Posting our own blogs and visiting others.


After visiting as many of you as possible, it’s time to move on for the night.


I’ll be back soon with photos from time on the water and time on the bike.

Frozen in Time


Actually I wish I was frozen in time!  As it is, time is rushing right past me!

It’s been 7 whole days since I have posted!  Those of you have followed me for the past 2 1/2 years know what a record that is.  I’ve enjoyed the few moments I’ve had to photograph winter, while most of my time has been devoted to the campaign.  Thankfully, I’ve found a few moments to get by many of your blogs.  You’ve been doing some great work!

Stay tuned!

Later this weekend, if you have time to stop back by, you’ll be learning about a fabulous 24 hour getaway with a dear friend.

Stay warm my friends!!

Blogging Time

Blogging Time … is that something you budget into your daily schedule?  I haven’t been, but may just have to start doing so.


After waking at 3:30 am, and unable to get back to sleep, I found myself in front of the computer.  Which of course led to WordPress.  Two and a half hours later, I wandered back to bed.  Now, at 8:30 am, I am pondering Time and just how much of it I have been devoting to writing, and working on my own blog and to reading yours.


I never understood it when people would say they got lost in Facebook and spend hours there.  I usually check it, read a few posts, and move on to other things fairly quickly.  I may check FB several times a day and comment each time, but I never get lost in it.


Blogging?  Now that’s a whole ‘nother thing!

I will read or view one of your posts, which leads me to make a comment, which causes me to read the other comments, which then leads me to check out several other blogs.


Next thing I know, hours have gone by.


My Book Group discussion of Gone Girl is in just 2 weeks and I have only read a fraction of the book!


Thank goodness it is January and it’s a good time to be watching sports – NCAA Football (Hokies – yeah, not our greatest year), NFL Playoffs (Redskins – HTTR!) and NCAA Basketball (Go Zags!).  I can watch a game and explore the blog world to my hearts content.


The blog will NOT get in the way of time on the bike or time with the camera, but I do need to figure out a more efficient way of managing this new addiction in my life.

How do you all do it?

Seriously … how do you manage time and blogging?