Frozen in Time


Actually I wish I was frozen in time!  As it is, time is rushing right past me!

It’s been 7 whole days since I have posted!  Those of you have followed me for the past 2 1/2 years know what a record that is.  I’ve enjoyed the few moments I’ve had to photograph winter, while most of my time has been devoted to the campaign.  Thankfully, I’ve found a few moments to get by many of your blogs.  You’ve been doing some great work!

Stay tuned!

Later this weekend, if you have time to stop back by, you’ll be learning about a fabulous 24 hour getaway with a dear friend.

Stay warm my friends!!

Frozen Wildwood

For all who read my last post about Charlotte and marveled at the 50 degree temps in February, one week later it is 4 degrees.  Our lovely 57 acre urban forest, Wildwood Park, is shining in it’s frozen glory.




To all my friends in the uber snowy northeast, I hope you have power and therefore warmth and water.