Blogging Time

Blogging Time … is that something you budget into your daily schedule?  I haven’t been, but may just have to start doing so.


After waking at 3:30 am, and unable to get back to sleep, I found myself in front of the computer.  Which of course led to WordPress.  Two and a half hours later, I wandered back to bed.  Now, at 8:30 am, I am pondering Time and just how much of it I have been devoting to writing, and working on my own blog and to reading yours.


I never understood it when people would say they got lost in Facebook and spend hours there.  I usually check it, read a few posts, and move on to other things fairly quickly.  I may check FB several times a day and comment each time, but I never get lost in it.


Blogging?  Now that’s a whole ‘nother thing!

I will read or view one of your posts, which leads me to make a comment, which causes me to read the other comments, which then leads me to check out several other blogs.


Next thing I know, hours have gone by.


My Book Group discussion of Gone Girl is in just 2 weeks and I have only read a fraction of the book!


Thank goodness it is January and it’s a good time to be watching sports – NCAA Football (Hokies – yeah, not our greatest year), NFL Playoffs (Redskins – HTTR!) and NCAA Basketball (Go Zags!).  I can watch a game and explore the blog world to my hearts content.


The blog will NOT get in the way of time on the bike or time with the camera, but I do need to figure out a more efficient way of managing this new addiction in my life.

How do you all do it?

Seriously … how do you manage time and blogging?

8 thoughts on “Blogging Time

  1. Wish I knew how to control all of this. I keep telling myself I will set aside 2 days a week where blogging takes precedence but it’s not that easy for me…. I check my reader everyday and then get lost in the posts and the comments, then someone’s post triggers an idea for a blog and I get swept away! Its a good thing I am retired because I would have probably lost my job by now! LOL
    Good luck. Check out this reblog on Time Management… it works if I remember to use it!

    • Exactly!! You described what I do to a T! Thanks for sharing the Pomodoro Technique … I’ll try it!
      For now, I’m off to do the weekly winter bike warm up, while doing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen and taking down Christmas (before going to the grocery store after which I’ll get ready for work while watching the Redskins). You GET this, don’t you?? 🙂
      So glad to have “met” you!!

  2. It takes discipline. The way I look at it, time blogging is time not doing something else. Unless you are making a living from blogging, aspire to make a living, or have a broader business plan, I suggest deciding how many times each week you want to spend blogging (for me it’s once a week) and how much time on each post. Make sure it’s enough time to post quality material, which you do, without monopolizing your time. Then, anything beyond your plan is a bonus. You can decide to post once a week and if you come across a great photo shoot that you are compelled to share, well, go for it. My goal is one post per week, but have posted as many as three to four in rare cases. Good luck!

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Jim. I do need to figure out a plan … because right now, WordPress is taking up a lot of time, albeit enjoyable time.

  3. Hahaha… if you come up with a blogging solution please share your plan with me… because I have no clue! I try to limit myself to 2 days a week because I’d never be able to quit otherwise.

    • I’m so glad it’s not just me!!! Thanks so much for validating my problem 🙂
      I did finally stop having blog updates sent to my email. Using the reader has helped a lot … before I stopped the email updates, I’d get 20 emails at a time from WordPress blogs and I wanted to check them all. Ha!
      Now I need to set a goal for new posts that I write …

  4. First rule of Blogging in my world is “don’t let Blogging interfere with life’s pleasures”. Let blogging be fun, b/c if it becomes a job it will stifle your creativity. My goal is to make a new post once a year so that I always exceed my own exceptions. I guess you can say, having no schedule or goals is my plan for good blogging and it works for me.

    • Instead of post a day, you do post a year! Love it!
      I started this blog as a way to document my solo motorcycle trips every summer. My family and friends needed to get daily updates to assure I arrived safely (since I usually don’t have a detailed itinerary) and then it became a way to journal the trip.
      Like many others I am sure, it is now much more and I love it!
      But if I had to choose between blogging and biking … no choice. Hands down, motorcycle wins!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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