Planning the 4th Solo Trip

My last post glorified the joy of being home, and I truly am excited to have the next four weeks at home without travel (other than day trips on the bike of course).   It’s time however to get serious about planning the 4th Solo Bike Trip.

So many places to ride; so few vacation days!

You may remember that I rode the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Tail of the Dragon (in Tennessee) in 2010 as a way to celebrate my 5oth Birthday (photos taken with my old Canon Powershot SD1000)


2011 found me riding to the Outer Banks of North Carolina (again, with the old Canon)


Tennessee was the destination in 2012


So it seems that I have, not with purpose, alternated between the  mountains and the beach.

This year then, I’m going back to the beach!  I’ll ride to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Annapolis, and possibly Delaware.

The near constant rain has had me less than motivated to pull out the maps, but this weekend I WILL get to it!  After all, the day of departure is just 7 weeks away!

Let the planning begin!

12 thoughts on “Planning the 4th Solo Trip

    • I’m heading to check out today’s post right now! and by the way … I have subscribed to follow your blog, set to come daily, but I realize that I never get your posts to my email. Wonder why? Any thoughts?

  1. Your adventures inspire me. I hope to follow your footsteps. May not ve by biking but I do hope to travel more to places that reminds me of how beautiful life is.

  2. You are so brave to do these solo trips…….on a motorcycle no less! I love seeing images from your travels! You capture the sights beautifully! Thanks for sharing! Robyn

  3. 7 weeks seems like a bit, but by the time you book hotels and what not, it will fly by. You’re in such a scenic part of the US. Love all the coastal destinations within biking distance. It’s been very rain soaked here too, looking forward to seeing what transpires here and some sunshine for both of us. Really liking the mirror image created in your last photo, so peaceful!

    • For some reason, I am just seeing this!! I love that reflection shot too … can you believe how green it was in Tennessee last summer? So lush!

  4. Wonderful area you are headed to! In my previous life I traveled those roads for work. I could recommend a hundred different places but if you’re looking for off the beaten path check out Chestertown, Maryland on the Eastern shore. It’s nowhere near the action but its a neat little place. And if you make it that far up I’d keep going around the bay to visit Bel Air, Maryland and Rocks State Park.
    Cheers to planning!

    • Thanks for the suggestions!! I just spent some online time looking at Chestertown and the DNR website. So much to see and I am getting excited, even though the trip is 6 weeks away!

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    I wish you a beautiful Saturday.
    Nice picture.
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