We Remember

Memorial Day is the most solemn American holiday.

Originally called Decoration Day, it is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service to the United States of America, and this year is the 150th Anniversary.


It is an honor to serve on the committe that plans Radford’s Annual Memorial Day Service.  A couple of the veterans on the committee arrive at the park the night before Memorial Day each year to set up the Field of Crosses, and to hang the flags that represent each branch of the Armed Forces.


I stopped by this evening, to deliver some home baked cookies, and spend a little time with these devoted vets.


Armed with only my cell phone, I tried to capture the scene.  It was slightly cool, with a gentle breeze, a truly beautiful evening, and I couldn’t help but think of the soldiers, sailors, airmen/women, and marines who are in harms way every day.

One of the vets on the committee made this memorial, and it remains in his front yard year round.


As we celebrate the holiday weekend, let’s all take just a few moments to remember the reason for this day.


As noted in my previous post, the month of May is a time of significant civic obligation. I’ll be back to visiting all of you soon!

12 thoughts on “We Remember

  1. I’m glad I caught this one. You jogged my mind a bit. I like the memorial that stays up in the vets yard all year. I’ve never thought of that kind of thing. I just decided to send a check to the VFW that my dad haunted the last years of his life and where we held his memorial after having his ashes buried in the St. Louis military cemetery. Mom joined him there a year and a half later. He was the Sargent, she was the General. 🙂 My first husband only did 3 years compared to dad’s 20 but 3 during Vietnam changed him entirely. They are missed. Thanks for this. Have a wonderful day.

    • Marlene! How wonderful that you sent a donation to the VFW! I can’t wait to tell the VFW members who serve on the committee with me. They will love that.
      The Sargent and the General. How perfect!
      It’s interesting that you mentioned the 3 years that your husband served: the Commander of the local Army Ammunition Plant gave a speech and she said mentioned that she often hears people say that they “only” served a short while. The went on to say that all service, no matter how long or short, is valuable.

      • Three years for a pacifist that didn’t even keep the fish he caught (catch and release live) or hunt, was a lot of time. It changed him into someone no one could imagine. War of any nature changes men. I’m ready to not have any more war.The way you serve your country is so much kinder and much appreciated.

    • I;m truly honored to be a part of the planning committee. The service is always so moving. I’m anxious to work on the photos!

      • I’ll bet it is. And with your hands on involvement, my guess is that it feels all the more personal. Your civic involvement is extraordinary. You set an example for us all.

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