It Is About the Destination Sometimes

A visitor to my blog might wonder where the name Life on the Bike came from considering that I haven’t written much about riding lately.  Between the campaign and starting a new business, my 2015 time on the bike was limited.


2016 will be different! And in fact it already is.

Last weekend, I took at 500 mile ride to Virginia’s capital city of Richmond to have a reunion with friends.  It’s about 250 miles to get there and for efficiency in time, I took the interstate.  Bikers can often be heard to say “it’s the journey, not the destination” and sometimes that is true.  Every now and then though, time is of the essence, and the interstate is the way to go.  I was just glad to be on the bike.  It was a beautiful day and I was a happy woman.


A quick stop on Afton Mountain, Virginia’s main passage across the Blue Ridge, offered a break for water, a handful of almonds, and a beautiful view.   Meanwhile, my roommates from Old Dominion University were waiting on me, so I was off and riding again in no time.

I met Jan and Angie 38 years ago, and we have maintained contact in one form or another ever since.  Isn’t it amazing how friendships can endure the test of time?


Soon enough, we were sitting on the porch of this lovely Richmond home, reveling in the fact that even though it had been many years since all three of us had been together, we were completely at home with one another.


It was a very late night, filled with lots of talk, laughter, and wine and I was glad that we didn’t have to do any driving (or riding).


While opportunities for photography were limited, this curved brick wall caught my eye.


The next morning, we enjoyed a delicious, homemade brunch,


and of course, made time for pictures!



Back roads carried me home to Radford, and while I didn’t have much time to stop for photography, something about this salt and pepper shaker made me bring out the camera.  You know me!


So, sometimes it is about the destination, happily so.

38 thoughts on “It Is About the Destination Sometimes

  1. I noticed you were a bit quiet last year, don’t cha hate it when life gets in the way?

    I look forward to your posts, your photography is superb and you seem to be able to convey in a few words what would take me more than double the amount of typing.

    Sometimes the journey IS the destination and what better way to take that journey than with good friends.

    It’s great to have you back again,


  2. You know, Laurie, I will have to live vicariously through you when it comes to a Harley ride. The photo of your bike on Afton Mountain brings back memories of when the former Mister and I took a few trips in your neck of the woods. It’s beautiful country and I’m so glad you had time to enjoy your friends and surroundings there.

    • It is indeed a beautiful part of the country and is perfect for riding. I know you miss the ride, but thankfully have replaced it with another fab two wheeled, non-motorized bike!

  3. Great post Laurie and I love the images 🙂 Psst – the black and white of the arches is just crying out for the theme leading lines in Life in B&W and also Monochromia 🙂

    • Thank you for the comments and for visiting. This is my 4th bike, having moved up from a 250 Honda to Sportster to Softail. The third bike was totaled when I was hit in an intersection … yikes. I recovered and am back on the bike, thankfully.
      I’ll pop over to your blog in a bit!

  4. Yes, it is sometimes about the destination. At least one direction. That’s a good sized bike you have and I loved the homemade brunch. :)) I’ve never known anyone that long other than my children. You are very lucky to have long time friends. A treasure.

    • It’s funny because in the part of Virginia that I live in, there are many people who have lived no where else, and they still have friends from grade school. So yes, i consider it incredible to have had friends for 38 years. Incredible and very lucky!
      The bike is a big one, isn’t it? and fast! 🙂 The nice thing though is that is sits low to the ground which is perfect my 5 ft height. I actually had an inch added to my riding books to help me touch the ground 🙂

      • I can just see the expressions of people when you get off your bike and they realize you are just a little bit of a girl. 🙂 You are very fortunate in so many ways. This house I bought is my 35th move that I can remember. I think the next one will be a retirement home. Don’t want to ever move again. 🙂 Lots of work.

  5. I had to count on my fingers to check, my oldest friend and I go back 34 years which seems a bit of a joke to me. We’ve shared a lot of life together in the past and nowadays catch up once a year and it always feels like there’s been no time in between and the conversation is just flowing. It’s wonderful isn’t it! So glad that bike is getting a good outing and you are one happy biker gal!! xoxo

  6. Great post LB. I think you’re right…without a destination there would be no journey, unless of course your me and you seem to be traveling in endless circles…the journey is endless, lol!
    ~ Dave

    • It really was perfect! The only way to make it better would to have had more time off of work 🙂
      I’m a fortunate woman though, so no complaints

  7. Because I’ve had the pleasure of spending time in your home, chatting via Skype and connecting, first, through blogging, I’m not the least bit surprised that you have so many long-term relationships with friends from all areas of your life. I hope we can have a blogger’s reunion in the next year or so, be it here or New Zealand or both. Glenn has been cutting my hair for thirty years. And my friend Carrielin calls me on my birthday every year, and has done so since college (1982). History with friends is wonderfully connecting, no matter how long you’ve shared a history. Lovely post, Laurie.

    • I love that story about the phone call and about Glenn. Connections and tradition are critical to contentment, no doubt.
      And yes! A blogger’s reunion is a MUST!!
      Wouldn’t NZ be amazing? I drool thinking about it!

  8. So glad you and Jan could visit! Come back soon. Love your blog and your photography. Always worth reading and viewing. You have a great eye for light. This one was extra special. xxoo

    • I’m so glad that you saw it this, Angie! I tagged you on FB so you’d be sure to stop in. I always appreciate it when you visit my blog, and really wanted you to see this post ❤

    • We loved sitting on that porch … it was so inviting, with the occasional neighbor walking by. The perfect place to catch up with dear friends

  9. That’s so cool LB. Long time friends are a rare breed. I have a few that I cherish too. It’s pretty amazing how after years, you can pick up where you left off. I’ve always wanted a porch swing and love that photo. Unfortunately, our porch is too small. Maybe next move. That looks like a cute place. You have so many interesting destinations within a cycles reach. I think I could spend a month in Virginia just going town to town. I love hearing/learning about history.

    I’ve been to Richmond and loved the history there and the riverwalk. We found the locals extremely friendly and helpful, greeting us on the street, “good morning” or “hello”. We stayed at a Historical Inn (the name escapes me) built in the 19th century. A really cool brick building with a courtyard filled with twinkly lights in the tree’s and a fountain. We got engaged on that trip 😀

    You’re so fun, I can still hear your voice and laugh. This was sure to have been a blast xox

    • Thanks so much for visiting / commenting on several blog posts, K. I know how busy you are and it means much that you take time to not only comment, but to do so meaningfully.
      Love the story about your engagement. If you ever remember the name, holla! (a friend uses that term all the time, and it makes me smile).
      I was able to take a good long ride yesterday on International Female Ride Day. 170 miles of fun 🙂

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