Walking By History

During that same morning walk last Sunday, where I saw a few signs of spring, I also saw signs of history.

Signs that cause a distinct sense of sadness and pain,


others that show the effect of time and weather,


and some that showcase pride.


I’ve passed by these markers hundreds, if not thousands of times, mostly on the bike or in the truck.

Walking though, offers time for reflection and commemoration.

27 thoughts on “Walking By History

  1. Derrick is so right! It’s the contemplative time too which is so important. I’m intrigued by the school sign – is the sadness and pain because it was segregated – did it close when education emancipation was achieved? I was young, but remember those events, watching from over here on a little black and white TV and completely befuddled about why the kids couldn’t be together…..

  2. Lots of emotions here, Laurie. Seeing a sign for a segregated school that still existed in my lifetime is sobering. Did they tear down the school, or turn it into something else?

    It’s true as others have said, how much we miss when we’re in a car. Great post.

    • Alys, your question sent me on a search to see what happened to the school. The sign is in front of a building that is currently the Administration Building. I wasn’t able to find any information about the school and sadly, the History section of the website does not even mention the school.
      I’m on the case!

  3. I love historical markers and walking tours! Thanks for an interesting tour, and for seeing a lot more spring than I’m seeing here in Wisconsin!

    • We are definitely seeing some signs of spring with lovely green shoots popping up out of the soil. It’s a bit worrisome though in that we are supposed to get snow again this coming weekend.
      We shall see …

    • Couldn’t have said it better, Joanne. It’s too easy to fill the calendar, race from activity to activity, and miss things along the way.
      I’m trying to take the time and slow down a bit.
      Ha! what is slow for me, will still be fast for some. I’m sure you can relate!

  4. Because I walk so much, I often have to stop and think when someone in a car asks for directions. It happens much less often now, though, but walking is a completely different experience. I love the old mailbox!

    • Lisa, that mailbox was a real eye catcher for me, too. History and weather.
      Are you able to walk to favorite places in your community, like your garden? While I love living in a small place, the city was not built to be walkable. The addition of our bikeway / walkway has definitely helped, but still not optimal

      • I can walk most places, like the store, bank, CVS and the garden if I’m not carrying, oh, say a pitchfork! Just ordered scads of seeds and plants and stuff for gardening. Soon!!!

    • Thanks Kerry. On the converse, sometimes I’ll leave my camera home so that I can really BE in the moment … then I almost always regret it! πŸ˜‰

      • Even historic markers when we lived in London. Couldn’t walk a few steps without some very interesting facts/story. One day, I’ll dig through all my photos of those signs. One of my favorites is the one talking about the British hero, Benedict Arnold. All about perspective…

  5. We could say it’s sad but we could also say WOW LOOK HOW FAR WE’VE COME!! Still have more to go for EVERYONE but were getting there!

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