Cold Outside, Warmth Inside

As it is where many of you live, it’s a wee bit chilly here in Southwest Virginia.  The subfreezing temps with furiously whipping wind, provide the perfect excuse to stay inside, work on photography, catch up on my own blog, and with yours, too.

Sadly, the bike sits outside in the cold, waiting for the temperatures to rise.



Yesterday morning, instead of being in my office at 8:15, I had a meeting at Radford’s new locally owned coffee shop.  Radford Coffee Company is located in an historic building, recently renovated by a favorite local developer, Joe Fortier.


The Company gives its profits to help in the education of over 1200 students in 14 communities along the Rio Coco, the river that is the boundary line between Nicaragua and Honduras.


The details of the renovation and the warmth inside the shop allow patrons to forget the chill for a little while.


The furniture and decorations include a curved church pew and a Whizzer Motorbike.



And on this particular day, a Radford mentoring program called CAMP was holding a fundraiser.  CAMP “offers a chance for Radford’s kids to explore their community and to discover how many opportunities are out there just waiting for them”.

_MG_0413 - Copy-3


Soon enough, though, it was time to head to the office.  With the warmth to sustain me, I stopped to take a shot of the cold, beautiful sky.


And at the end of the day?  An opportunity to warm up with a little single malt scotch and time with a friend.


Stay warm, my friends.

31 thoughts on “Cold Outside, Warmth Inside

  1. As usual, your photos are beautiful. I really like the brick wall with the sliding barn door.

    It is such a pleasure to read about a business dedicated to doing good. I like stories about the ‘good guys’. We need more of them.

    • We do need more of the good stoirs, don’t we? Glad you liked this post, Joanne. I’d love to get inside that shop and take photos when no one else is in there. In order to get that brick wall and door, I had to work around customers.

  2. What a wonderful place, Laurie. There aren’t many businesses that give their profits for such a worthy cause. I love that. The decor is warm and eclectic with a bit of history. I hope they’re wonderfully successful.

    Your photos are the star of the show. They invite the reader in.

  3. Great photos. Love the wooden door and the lonely bike. It will warm up too soon. I’d join you for that warm but mine would be the sissy brandy and if I was lucky I’d add a splash of Amaretto. I have a sweet tooth. 🙂

  4. What a charming place, it exudes warmth with all those wonderful wood tones and how wonderful that they donate to such a good cause. It’s absolutely freezing here today and temps are supposed to dip to -30 with the wind chill tomorrow…but I’m holding onto hope that spring will come early. Now I think I may just pour myself a glass of scotch! Cheers!

  5. Oh, it’s so cold here, too! The wind chills last night were something like minus 35!! But only for a couple days and then a warm up. I love the photo of the reflection in the bike mirror and the ones of the wooden door and pew!

  6. What a beautiful restoration that is Laurie, just love it! And you photos do it justice and then some. Hope the cold is easing up for you – it’s been a brutal weekend for many I’m afraid!

  7. The wood against the brick is so appealing. The developer has done a really nice job with this place, and your photos set it off so well, even though (maybe especially because) you had to work so hard to get them people-free. (That reminds me of all the times I’ve tried to take landscape photos at National Parks- the photos are nicer without the crowds of people, but it’s a challenge to make it look like no one is there.) I think any bike named Whizzer makes me feel like a kid and want to ride it!

    Stay warm and enjoy your scotch. Hugs.

  8. There’s so much to love about Radford including my favourite biker girl. I’m quite astonished by the number of local entrepreneurs in and around the area. Looks like a fun place to meet up with a friend, I hope they’re open next time I roll into town. The reno is pretty cool, especially the brick and mortared wall. It sure looks old. One of the favourite places we ate at in Napa was an Italian restaurant that was in an old bank. The kind with super high ceilings and a big ol’ vault. xk

  9. Thanks for stopping by to say hi. and your blog really inspires me.. Love the first photo of the view of the woods from the bike’s mirror. Love the detail shots you capture too. hope you continue to stay warm! =)

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