Hiking Surprised Me

My friend Karen has joined WordPress! Karen was present at the blogger gathering last April, so a few of you will remember meeting her. Karen will be sharing her hiking adventures in a new blog called The Unassuming Hiker. Pay her a visit if you have a moment to spare.

The Unassuming Hiker

I used to avoid the outdoors at all costs.  I don’t like bugs and crawly things and was not too crazy about walking in the woods.  Also, having knee issues, I doubted that I could actually climb mountains.  When I had my 59th birthday, I decided to try something new. First I had to lose some weight to take pressure off my knee and then I was motivated to try hiking after looking at pictures of my husband and daughter on top of McAfee’s Knob – probably the most photographed spot on the Appalachian Trail.

That first hike hurt.  My entire body was exhausted after the almost 8 mile adventure. But the feeling I got when I finally dragged myself to the top of that mountain was worth the pain.  I did it!


McAfee’s Knob


It was amazing!  Since then, I have become a regular hiker and I love every new adventure.

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