Cold Outside, Warmth Inside

As it is where many of you live, it’s a wee bit chilly here in Southwest Virginia.  The subfreezing temps with furiously whipping wind, provide the perfect excuse to stay inside, work on photography, catch up on my own blog, and with yours, too.

Sadly, the bike sits outside in the cold, waiting for the temperatures to rise.



Yesterday morning, instead of being in my office at 8:15, I had a meeting at Radford’s new locally owned coffee shop.  Radford Coffee Company is located in an historic building, recently renovated by a favorite local developer, Joe Fortier.


The Company gives its profits to help in the education of over 1200 students in 14 communities along the Rio Coco, the river that is the boundary line between Nicaragua and Honduras.


The details of the renovation and the warmth inside the shop allow patrons to forget the chill for a little while.


The furniture and decorations include a curved church pew and a Whizzer Motorbike.



And on this particular day, a Radford mentoring program called CAMP was holding a fundraiser.  CAMP “offers a chance for Radford’s kids to explore their community and to discover how many opportunities are out there just waiting for them”.

_MG_0413 - Copy-3


Soon enough, though, it was time to head to the office.  With the warmth to sustain me, I stopped to take a shot of the cold, beautiful sky.


And at the end of the day?  An opportunity to warm up with a little single malt scotch and time with a friend.


Stay warm, my friends.

Farmhouses and Barns in Fifteen Degree Weather

Despite the 15 degree weather, the day dawned beautifully and I spent a couple hours outside shooting the local scenery.  One thing I learned?  I need to get gloves that protect my fingers in sub freezing temperatures!

This old farmhouse sits right along side the road and I pass it on the way home each evening.  I loved the shadows on the side of the house.








I pass this farm on the way to work each morning and in order to take pictures, I have to get on the highway and pull over just off the exit ramp.  As usual, I wonder what the folks driving by think as I climb over the guard rail and wander around in the weeds.