All Over But the Shoveling


Sunday dawned bright, with that crystal clear blue sky that often follows a storm.  The temperature hovered around 20, but the sun made it seem much warmer.

My Weber Grill, forgotten and uncovered, became a work of art.  Or so it seemed to me.


It’s been fun sharing a few photos at a time, and I very much appreciate you stopping by to take a look.  To see other images from the Blizzard of 2016, please visit #Jonas, Snowbound Bike Chick, The Lull, or Keep The Feeder Full.

25 thoughts on “All Over But the Shoveling

  1. These are wonderful! I like that Weber snow sculpture. I have really enjoyed this week of snow, Laurie. However, I must confess, that although I like to look at it, being an ex California girl I have a hard time dealing with it if it is up to a foot and lasts longer than a couple of days.

    OK, you asked us to share our snow and I am late to the party getting mine posted, but here it is, my one and only. 😉

  2. These really give a sense of the sparkling heaps of snow. The light is fabulous in both of them, and I love the dark mood of the second one. It feels like you’re in a shadowed forest, or it’s early morning or evening, and makes it mysterious to contemplate the Weber volcano crater in this secret place.

    I have enjoyed your whole series. It was a lovely idea to schedule them as you did. Of course, I am LATE to the party and I got to soak them all up in one delicious morning in February, ha ha. 🙂

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