Keep The Feeder Full


During much of the storm, I was inside working on Nurse Practitioner Continuing Education Units.  I’d dash out to take a photo, and come right back in to work.  Very early on Saturday morning (2:30am), I was outside shooting and was intrigued by the sight of this chair.


You just never know what will catch the eye of a photographer.

To see other images from the Blizzard of 2016, please visit #Jonas, Snowbound Bike Chick, or The Lull.

30 thoughts on “Keep The Feeder Full

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  2. These are both lovely scenes in the dark. I really need to get a feeder installed at my new place, so the birds can learn that I am here and I am a pushover. I haven’t spotted a single squirrel in all these vast trees, can you believe it? So very sad for them not to realize there’s a bonafide Crazy Squirrel Lady just waiting to take them in and feed them many peanuts. Anyway, I know the frustration of trying to get the most out of a photo taken in hardly any light, so this one is impressive. Good on ya!

    The chair lit from underneath is a perfect example of why I think we are artists first, and then photographers. By my definition, an artist is defined by her way of looking at the world. You’re moving through the dark at 2:30 am, and bam! There’s a scene that grabs you. It wasn’t calculated or planned. You have no choice but to be intrigued, because you are an artist, and you use your camera to express yourself. I’m an artist-writer, because my medium is words. Photos do help a bunch, but I’ll graciously concede the talent to you and the other fabulous photographers on WordPress.

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