46 thoughts on “Finally

  1. A happy heart is a very good thing! Enjoy your snow, Laurie. The leaves are singing to me in this triplet, and I would love to use the first photo as a background for a card! Delicious, soft and neutral colors. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Lynda! I’m so glad you like that first picture. We’re expecting more snow this coming weekend (I’m hoping I’m not getting my hopes up for nothing!)

  2. We had it here, too! And when I went out this morning I saw a flock of snowbirds! Of course, it didn’t stick since it’s been so warm, but that’s all right. It was so enjoyable to watch!

    • When others talk of moving South, I always say I’d move North! I lived in Vermont for one year (30 yrs ago) and loved it. We shall see …

  3. You’ve made it look so pretty. But I won’t miss it just yet. Got my sandals on and the sun is shining. My dear, do me a favour? Your birdies will be waiting for lunch, with empty tummies, in the cold, wanting to sing, waiting in the tall grass, huddling together for warmth…….the feeders empty !!

    Too dramatic? LOL xo K

    • Not at all dramatic! I definitely have trouble keeping up with those birds. They are voracious eaters πŸ™‚ It’s filled (and I love that you noticed!)

      • I hear you on that one LB. I’m going thru a lot of birdseed too. Sparrows hanging out and entertaining the kitties. They’re quite a tribe and much thru a whole feeder in a short time. Mwaaa for loving nature as I do xo Hugs

  4. We barely had some snow in Romania, at least in the West part of the country where I live. We had so much less than what I see in your pictures, but I was so happy when I saw it did fall. A bit disappointing when I went out to get some photos.

    Thanks for sharing these! πŸ™‚

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